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Character Development (competition)

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Hey everypony! I'm working on a new species (think changelings and torch hounds), but I need some help working out the kinks and developing the species. I want something unique, but I'm having some trouble coming up with ideas. So, instead of telling you all what I've got currently, I'm just going to let you all post random suggestions. In fact, let's make a competition out of it!


You can enter as many suggestions as you like, and for every suggestion that I decide to use, you will receive one free request, using the style that I've developed for commissions and have yet to debut. 


Species I need help with:


1 MLP Species (because I'm only making one species for MLP, I will be more picky with the suggestions I accept)


Species designed for my Website (based off of an assortment of different animals)


Species designed for my book and art series, "The Viathyn Chronicles" (think modified fantasy creatures, like werewolves or fairies)


Okay, I know this is some weird format for a competition, but whatever.







Request Reference:


You will be notified if I accept your suggestion.



I know all of this seems odd, but I truly do need the help, and this is the most interesting way I can ask.

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