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Meet Crescent Star.

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Hello everyone! I finally got around to making my first OC. His name is Crescent Star. Named so because of the shape of his tail and he was born into the Star family (No, not Patricks family). He is a Pegasus and his cutie mark represents creativity. I guess Crescent Star could be my ponysona since I like to create, and create pretty much anything that I can.


This first pic is the sketch, which I did first. He went through several butt reductions and had an increase in head size. I also had to shorten up the body. You can see the ghost lines of where he was first at. I used Braeburn and a blank template I found for reference to help me get the proportions right.








This next one is my attempt at making a vector of him. Through Googleing and a few tutorials and mostly using Gimp and lots of hours spent, the below picture is what I got.








I kind of cheated and took a picture of a quill I found through Google and cut it out to put on the cutie mark. Let me know what you think, and if you think there might be a better color that goes with red for the mane. I tried several colors and I tried using two different colors for the mane, but purple was the most satisfactory result for me.


If you can do a better job at vectoring then go right ahead and vector him. I'm still not sure what the best way is to do vectoring, especially since I sketched first, then took a picture and put it in Gimp. Oh well, I still think he turned out good.


And now for a little background:


Crescent Star was born and raised in Cloudsdale. His parents named him Crescent because of his tail. Star is the last name of his family. His mom is Sapphire Star and his dad is Crimson Star. Crescent got his red coat from his dad, and his purple mane and tail he got from his mom. He has a younger sister name Lilac Star. At a young age Crescent enjoyed making up stories with his toys, drawing, making cloud sculptures and anything else where he could be creative. He is generally always happy, with a smile, and has an optimistic outlook on life. He wants to enjoy his life and not let anything get him down. Because of that, he has rarely encountered any bullies and has even helped a few pony's who were being bullied. He is a really nice pony, but he won't let anypony take advantage of that and walk all over him. He likes to joke a lot and talk about his interests, but usually lets others lead the conversation.


Eventually during flight school, he finally realized that being creative is what he enjoys most and was meant to do. At first he thought that perhaps he was suppose to be a great flyer, then he thought that maybe he was meant to stargazer. He went through several phases trying to figure out what he was meant to do. Then one day, during flight school, a couple of his friends needed some help with a project. He gladly agreed to help, and began to create something for his friends. While he was doing this, he felt great satisfaction with his work and began to remember the feeling he got when he was younger when creating whatever he could. Upon seeing his friends reactions towards what he created for them, he felt great joy and realized that this was what he was meant to do. At that moment, his cutie mark appeared. A parchment and quill to represent his love for creating.


He may not be the best, but he enjoys seeing his creations, whatever they may be, bring happiness and joy to others. Crescent is a few years older than Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, but has met them a few times during flight school. He never really bothered though to try and make friends with them. It might be because he usually gets a little shy around mares and doesn't know what to say. He was in his last year of school when Rainbow did the sonic rainboom. Unfortunately he was sick that day and was home, but he did see the rainbow left behind and knew something was different. He felt joy and instantly began to feel better. Just in time too, because his graduation wasn't too far off. After graduation he went to work for the weather factory and got his own home in cloudsdale.


He frequently visits Ponyville to hang out with his friends and after bumping into Rainbow Dash again, his friends keep egging him on about asking her out. He keeps telling them that he's not interested in her as a girlfriend. She did recognize him and wanted to introduce him to her friends. But he became shy and couldn't really think of what to say. After trying to get him come along, she realized that he was just too shy around mares and told him to come back when he becomes comfortable around mares. Crescent is getting better around mares, and now that he befriended one, he is feeling more confident in himself. He is even starting to develop a crush on her, and hopes that one day she will be his girlfriend. He has yet to go back to Rainbow to meet her friends, though he kind of wants to be Rainbow's friend.

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