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The Mane 6's surrogate mothers

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We never see the parents in any of the episodes. Sure we see Twilight's, Pinkie's, Rarity's. But AJ RD and Fluttershy hadn't had parental exposure yet. I think it's kind of pointless to show them anyways. Because I believe some characters act as surrogate mothers for our 6 heroines



I am trying to make more connections. I have only watched all 3 seasons 3 times. These were the ones that weren't hard to spot out



You are going to say it's mentorship. But mentors can be like parents too. Celestia saw great potential in Twilight when she was a filly and took her under her wing. Twilight always wants to make Celestia proud. Much like a daughter wanting to make her mother proud. I am also thinking Celestia considers Twilight the daughter she never had. Why else would she go through all that trouble of making her an alicorn


Rainbow Dash/Spitfire 


This one could have potential. I would like to see an episode where these two get some bonding time. After all Rainbow is a wonder bolt now. Rainbow may be the fastest flyer in all of Equestria, but she most likely isn't the best flyer. We see her stumble and crash several times, not because she sucks. But she hasn't tamed her ego yet. Maybe Spitfire could help Rainbow tare down these mental barriers that Rainbow has and Rainbow can possibly be the greatest winder bolt ever. Spitfire I am assuming is in her 40s, while Rainbow is in her 20s. Spitfire has to be middle aged, most captains of the military are 40/50 and have tons of experience to back it up. I also think that the two have a mother and daughter relationship, it just needs to be expanded on


Pinkie/the cakes 


This one is pretty one dimensional. I just think Pinkie being the one who loves the throw parties goes to the cakes a lot. We associate party with cake. There were also episodes with pinkie and the cakes. Pinkie to me is like the crazy hyper daughter the cakes never wanted, but they treat her well because they know she just wants to have fun and help out

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Interesting thought, but definitely doesn't apply to Spitfire and Dash. They're peers.


I like the idea idea of Celestia seeing Twilight as a surrogate daughter. Centuries of watching loved ones come and go, and all that jazz...


Closest thing to a surrogate mother is Twilight with Spike.

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