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I am bringing back two old OCs of mine..

Basiltwist, the secretive insect lover
Sugarcane, the shy and weak alicorn.



Basiltwist and Sugarcane are both brother and sister.
Sugarcane became an alicorn by a rare mutation in her genes where the pegasis gene from her mother and the unicorn gene from her father went into the same pony, creating an alicorn. However, she is very weak because of this. She can hardly use her magic powers to lift anything that weighs more than a pen, and can't stay airborne for more than a minute or two. She often messes things up, so she has avoided doing things in order to avoid messing up. She doesn't have her cutie mark since she doesn't try much things.
Basiltwist was fascinated by insects ever since he first saw one. Since he lived in Manehatten, he was pretty much the only one who liked insects. When the others were let out for recess in his school, he went over to watch a dragonfly fly around the corners of the playground. He was also called "Bug boy" because of this. He got his cutie mark, which is two dragonflies, when a dragonfly wandered into his house and was almost killed by his parents. He defended the dragonfly, and when his parents finally accepted the dragonfly into the household, he got his cutie mark. He then named the dragonfly "Galasial" for no reason in particular.
Once they were both old enough, Basiltwist left to live in a forest near Ponyville. His sister went with him, and wanted to live with him.

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D'aww, they are adorable!


But I really like what you did with their personalities. Instead of having a cliche overpowered alicorn OC, you did something unique that I have never seen before. And I like the insect lover personality. Very unique.


Wonderful OCs. Look forward to seeing more art of them.

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