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Should Twilight have her leadership challenged in season 4

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I was thinking it could do wonders for the story. Twilight throughout the whole seasin can have trouble adjusting to her powers. She can eventually slip into insanity because she can't handle being a princess. Her friends worry about her. The other 5 ponies never address Twilight as their leader, but giving that she is the element of magic the other 5 ponies already know she is the most powerful out of all of them. I see ponies like Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack being leadership material. I know they are all friends, but it's good to have some conflict within the group. Raph from ninja turtles always challenges Leonardo's leadership. Leo even let him be the leader one time, and Raph found out it wasn't as easy it sounded. I can see that working Rainbow/Apple vs Twilight. Rarity, Flutters and Pinkie in my opinion aren't leadership material


Apple Jack is the most level headed out of the entire group, sure she can be stubborn at times. Rainbow also displayed good leadership qualities in the episode "wonder bolt academy" 


In the Walking Dead Rick Grimes was being challenged with his position as leader because his group was worried about his mental state. I could see the same thing for Twilight, what if she can't handle this princess role and it jeopardizes her friendship with the other five ponies


@Righteous Fury nice picture. You know if De Lancie is going to be at brony con. Because I want him to sign my Breaking Bad blu rays.

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really though Twilight's usually been pretty chill with letting others lead/act when the situation calls for it (Dragonshy, The Crystal Empire, Keep Calm and Flutter On) and she's been challenged when she gets out of control (Lesson Zero, A Canterlot Wedding)


Rainbow's always acted as the Lancer to Twilight's Hero (see TVtropes), and I think she's generally more comfortable in that role. You mentioned Wonderbolt Academy, I think that's an episode that really highlighted how good a leader Twilight is. Not just because she would never endanger/bully Rainbow, but because she actually listens to her friends and acts on their ideas. Really, she's less of a leader than a mediator, making sure that everypony gets their say and choosing the best course of action.

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I just think it be interesting to see some conflict within the group. Twilight is a mediator. but she is clearly leadership material because of her power and intelligence. I just want to see that compromised in season 4

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