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Weird/Absurd Dreams?


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Of course, In my dream, I told them to eat cake.


Apparently the French don't like cake.


Nor did they like Marie Antoinette!


On a separate note...


I honestly think it's pretty pretentious to talk about how weird and strange your dreams are like no pony else has weird dreams or thoughts because it's not the case...


Everypony has strange dreams and ideas. I've studied dream symbolism for about ten years which started with my grandmother teaching me when I was very little, but when she died my mother gave me her dream book. After that, when I got older, I started taking a serious interest in dreams and it's seriously made my life better.


Especially since not everything is as it seems in a dream. For example:


Ponies. If you dream about your friend, that pony is not your friend. In your dream, a pony is simply a subconscious personification of your personality. In easier terms, your best friend is just representing YOU.


An example of something direct:


Bugs. Dreaming of bugs literally means something is bugging you.


Plain and simple, dreams are your brains way of telling you how you are really feeling and how your life is going. It's a great way to see what you're lacking, missing, or should do when you're unsure about something.


Long story short, dreams are nothing special and they do not count or mean that you are a mental case or you should be put in a mental hospital.


Thoughts, on the other hoof... are different. But I won't go into them. I just know about dreams.


((These are my thoughts and opinions and I don't mean to offend anyone OR sound rude! Please don't take it that way, it's simply an opinion.))

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I've always thought that most dream interpretation was full of shit. I think some basic things are true (such as a few nights ago, I dreamed about my dead cat, and obviously I'm sad about him dying), but when people come up with all these weird symbolic things for dreams, I just think it's stupid. Dreams as just when you're mind wanders and you're not awake to tell it to focus. Naturally, it'll wander to things you're thinking about (such as my dead cat), but to say that it's a bunch of subconscious symbols.


Also, Freud was the one who pioneered that type of dream analyzation, and everybody Freud was full of shit, too :P

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Oh, and to answer the actual question; probably. I'd be VERY scared if all my thoughts were being broadcast live to the world. I'd likely have very few friends, a lot of enemies, probably no family. I'd be excommunicated (which is fine since I'm secretly atheist anyway), I'd likely lose my job, and probably be institutionalized :/


Luckily, my thoughts are my own, and I know when and what to keep to myself. I know which of my dreams are stupid and should not be given any real effort, and which ones are attainable and should be worked on.

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Only in Victorian times. Now it would just shatter my innocence visage.


How ironic it is that you say that.


We must realize our dreams and make them reality. Here's an exchange from two famous gentlemen; William WIlberforce, the Minister who abolished slavery in the British Empire in 1833, and William Pitt II, who still holds the record for Youngest Prime Minister to ever run England.


William Wilberforce: No one of our age has ever taken power.

Pitt the Younger: Which is why we're too young to realize certain things are impossible. Which is why we will do them anyway.

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