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MLP Birthday Scenario game (Microsoft Word Edition (also reboot))

Jon the VGNerd

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Since my last b'day scenario game borked, I thought it'd be a good idea to start a new, albeit same, one. There are most that can give you best luck, but there are most that can give you worst luck.




January- You and X go explore on the beach.                  1. Bon Bon

February- Go alpine skiing with X                            2. Lightning Dust

March- X is your partner at the Wonderbolt Academy           3. Shining Armor

April- Travel to Everfree Forest with X                      4. Cloud Chaser

May- Watch the butterfly migration with X                    5. Dr. Whooves

June- Challenge X to a magic duel showdown                   6. Discord

July- X invites you to the Gala                              7. Pinkie Pie

August- Explore the Crystal Empire with X                    8. Twilight Sparkle

September- Discover the mirror pond with X                   9. King Sombra

October- X saves you from the Timberwolves                  10. Diamond Tiara

November- You and X take part in Equestria Games             11. Babs Seed

December- Go on a camping trip with X                       12. Princess Luna

                                                            13. Rarity

                                                            14. Lyra Heartstrings

                                                            15. Spitfire

                                                            16. Big MacIntosh

                                                            17. Snips

                                                            18. Queen Chrysalis

                                                            19. Silver Spoon

                                                            20. Snails

                                                            21. Princess Cadence

                                                            22. Applejack

                                                            23. Soarin’

                                                         24. Nightmare Moon

                                                         25. Fluttershy

                                                         26. Derpy Hooves

                                                         27. Vinyl Scratch

                                                        28. Octavia

                                                        29. Trixie

                                                        30. Fleur de Lis

                                                        31. Rainbow Dash




February 4 = Go alpine skiing with Cloud Chaser. So many yays. yay.png

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Explore the Crystal Empire with Rainbow Dash?


So, I've gotta deal with an arragont jerk to look ar awesome scenery and other stuff. I'll put up with with her.



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