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Marry, Snog Or Kill?

Hay Lin

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*from another forum*


Okay guys...Let's play some good ol' fashioned Marry/Snog/Kill.

Basically you pick out three real or fake characters (Marriland members, Celebrities, Superheroes, Cupcakes...Anything goes!) And the person that posts next must pick which one they would..You know: Marry, Snog, or Kill


Person 1: Batman, Superman, Aquaman

Person 2: Marry: Batman
Snog: Superman
Kill: Aquaman

May, Dawn, or Misty?

Person 3:...And so on and so forth...


OK. Q, Snips, or Pen Stroke?


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Marry: Apple Bloom

Kiss: Sweetie Belle

Kill: Scootachicken (at least I'd be more merciful than the rainbow factory!)


Annoying Orange, Fred (YouTube it), Liam the Leprechaun

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Marry: Oliver Phelps Erio Touwa

Snog: Oliver Phelps Mami Tomoe

Kill: Kurugaya



Hitler, Elmo, Eureka

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