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Movies/TV Best looking Dr. Who Companion....

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Hello! (Haha, @@Concord your catchphrase is mine! hahahahahahaha)
Hey guys RD4 here with a question that I feel is to big to make a poll for (Most likely me just being lazy..). Who do you think the most attractive companion on Dr. Who is? Girls can say guy companions too...
I believe that Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) is the most good looking companion, because of her overall appearance. I just find her pretty dang attractive.The Scottish accent is a plus too I guess. smile.png
P.S: The idea for this thread came to me in a nightmare where I got rule 63'd by Discord for a troll, and I looked like Karen and all of my friends acted pretty weird.

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Fixed the spoiler.
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Come on man, you gotta go old school on this one.


Leela always stuck in my mind-she was one of Tom Baker's girls, and had the whole Amazon thing happening. 


Oh Yeah!




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