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Merry Thursday!


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So, uh, yeah. I'm Iron_Wofle. I'm a student from the cold and inhospitable(not really) land of Norway. In between studying computer engineering and taking evening japanese classes I mostly play games and watch anime (and MLP, of course). I also do a little bit of writing on the side, although I rarely manage to write something passable for other people to read. Most of it just stays as half-finished stories in my notebooks (sadly).


I first started watching My Little Pony out of curiosity - having heard nothing but good things about it and wondering what all these "brony" shenanigans were about, I eventually started watching, and was sold pretty quickly. My favorite ponies are Fluttershy and Pinkie pie, my favorite episode would be Dragonshy, and my favorite moment is the Winter Wrap Up song. Lately I've been reading Fallout Equestria, which I've quite enjoyed.


Within my current circle of.. communications, there are not all that many pony fans, so I figured it was time I looked for more people I can talk about all things pony (and other things, too) with. A quick trip down Google lane landed me here, which seems like a nice enough place.


So, greetings, and merry thursday.

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Now THAT's a thread title!

Welcome home, wofle. You're my neighbour :D (I'm from the just as cold Sweden). I have also taken japanese classes. 2 years during my gymnasie (kinda like high school), and one year after that. I used to be a pretty hardcore anime fan, but it's not as much recently. I also love gaming. Mostly nintendo, but there are many good games to other platforms. Especially with all the good indie games for PC.


The Winter Wrap up Song is one of my favourite moments too! I bet you'll get along here quite fine!


Merry Thursday to you too ^_^

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