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What Type OF Music Would Each Pony Listen To?


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What do you guys think the Mane Six like to listen to? I have a few ideas.

Rainbow Dash - metal and rock

Pinkie Pie - pop and dance

Rarity - classical

Applejack - country (obviously)


I'm totally stuck on Twilight and Fluttershy. So what do you think?

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Twilight would probably like orchestral music.. I dunno I get that vibe from her sometimes xD

As for Fluttershy.. Probably artists like Adele etc etc

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Twilight and Fluttershy actually seem to be keen for the classical sorts of music, since Fluttershy would enjoy the soothing sound of it while Twilight, with all her appreciation for history and the arts, must have an affinity for classical music. Perhaps also some jazz here and there.

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You've got it nailed the same way I see it with the four first ponies (RD is rock music more than metal in my mind, though)


Twilight I could see having a mixed interest. She could probably appreciate classical just like Rarity, but, I have a feeling she'd like certain pop songs and other genres as well. After all, you've seen how she likes to party.




As for Fluttershy, I can't label her for a specific genre either.

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Rainbow- Rock/ Alternative

Pinkie-R & B

Rarity- piano ballads

Applejack- Country

Twilight- I personally want to say grunge, but will have to say classical

Fluttershy- Jazz

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Rainbow is probably Rock, not so sure about metal, but Rock most definitely. Pinkie is obviously dance, Applejack is country, Rarity is classical. Twilight I could imagine listening to Pop music, Fluttershy is kind of hard...I guess calming music fits the bill

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Hmm yeah, a sophisticated, educated pony like Twilight seems like she would listen to classical. Fluttershy seems like she'd listen to singers like Adele or bands like The Fray.

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Swag Dash = Hardcore stuff (Metal, Rap...maybe dubstep)

A.J. = Country/Bluegrass

Twilight = Indie/Alternative

Rarity = Classical/Easy listening

Pinkie Pie = Children's music/Rave music

Fluttershy = Soft Rock/America (the band)

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Rainbow Dash: Punk

Twilight: Classical

Fluttershy: Um... folk?

Pinkie Pie: House and/or whatever genre Andrew WK does.

Rarity: Pop

Applejack: Country (UH-DUR)


Thems my thoughts.


EDIT: Fluttershy is prolly also into acoustic music.

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Umm, That's a good question. Wouldn't think of something like that.


Maybe Twilight likes something that's nothing extreme like rock, just something smoother. I'm not thinking classical though...


Fluttershy... not to sure if she would even show much interest in music.

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Rainbow Dash: Rock.


Twilight Sparkle: Classical and jazz


Fluttershy: Folk?


Rarity: Pop.


Pinkie Pie: Dance music (obviously)


Applejack: Country (even more obviously)

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Fluttershy= eurobeat bronys discord.

Rarity= material girl madonna

rainbow dash= deadmau5

applejack= country music

Twilight= pop (she sang at shining armors wedding)


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Fluttershy would definitely be into some mellow/New Age music. It'd be calming for her.

Twilight, in my opinion, would enjoy classical. Because books.

Pinkie Pie probably is into most genres of music, maybe electronic stuff the most, because of parties and stuff.

Rainbow Dash most likely enjoys technical death metal pop punk, because it just suits her attitude in my opinion.

Rarity seems like she'd like straight up pop stuff, mostly because of her "popular" attitude (as seen in Sweet and Elite).

Applejack is a real no brainer: Black Metal.

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Twilight Sparkle: Classical, and Pop-rock

Rainbow Dash: Rock and roll, and Metal

Applejack: Country, folk

Fluttershy: Classical, Orchestra?

Pinkie Pie: Pop, Folk, rock, jazz? (Maybe) Electronic, Funk?

Rarity: Classical, Opera, Musical Theatre, French Jazz (Because it's classy, and I love anything french really...)

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Rainbow Dash- Rock, Alternative (Several subgenres), Punk (several subgenres) and Metal (Several subgenres)

Pinkie Pie- Pop, Dance Music, Rock

Rarity-Jazz, ,Post-punk, Classical

Fluttershy- Folk, Alternative

Apple Jack- Country, Folk Rock

Twilight-Classical, Alternative

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I havent heard the mane six listen to music at any point in the show, I guess they dont listen much. In Sonic Rainboom, Rarity mentions that rd chose rock for her demo, so maybe rd litens to speed metal or nu. Or maybe she just thought it would be fitting to her routine, I dont know.

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  • 9 months later...

Hey bronies, this my first post on the forum and I'm excited to be a part of the community!


So anyway, I know this question gets tossed around a lot but some users like me haven't had the chance to put in our own speculation. As the title says, what genre of music do you think each pony would listen to?


In the show, the only type of music that ponies seem to know is cheery folk music, classical and party music. But if all genres of music were to exist in Equestria, what would the following ponies listen to?


This my headcanon:


Applejack: Good Old Western


Rainbow Dash: Probably rock. Not too over the top though, she'd set the limit and hard rock probably.


Pinkie Pie: Anything cheery like folk or party music.


Fluttershy: Death Metal. What? Ever heard of Metalshy?


Twilight: Alternative probably.


Rarity: Classical.


Ocatvia: Similar to Rarity but more orchestra based. Like a video game soundtrack.


Frederic: Same as the above two.


Celestia: Ditto


Luna: More emo based I suppose. Symbolizes tragedy and depression like her past.


Vinyl Scratch: Techno, Electronic, Dub-step. (Was there any doubt?)


Neon Lights: Probably like Vinyl, but for those who view him as the ponified version of Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, punk rock can fit.


Noteworthy: His alternate name is "Blues" so he'll play that.


Lyra: Whatever you play with a lyre. Folk maybe.


Derpy: Any song that makes you feel high.


Dr Whooves: The Doctor Who songs of course.


Berry Punch: Drinking Song.


So this is my head canon. What do you guys think?


Glad to finally start posting  :)

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Some of these are interesting. Here's my take:


Twi: Punk rock and grunge. She's antisocial and doesn't place a lot of value in friendship or companionship (at first.) I picture being like I was in 7th grade: locking herself in her room and reading while listening to Nirvana and Green Day (or Equestria's equivalent of Nirvana and Green Day)


Pinkster: High-energy EDM, probably Happy Hardcore. Pinkster would love partying to some Additive Subtractive. (Or, again, the Equestrian equivalent of Additive Subtractive.)


Dashie: Classic rock, some more modern rock and maybe even a little Hard Glitch. Stuff with energy, stuff that feels like it intends to start moving and never stop. (Addendum: Examples include Shocktrooper by GHO57, Final Countdown, anything by The Offspring, but especially You're Gonna Go Far Kid. Or Equestrian equivalent.)


Rarity: Definitely classical. You were right about that. She'd listen to the Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera soundtracks (Equestrian equivalent), and dismiss most modern pop, rock, and electro as "noise."


Flutters: Stuff that sounds happy and peaceful. 


Applejack: Clearly country. Probably some twangy folky bluegrass stuff too.


Octavia: Lots of strings, with the wind and percussion instruments taking a background role. I bet she would love Gusty Gardens Galaxy's theme.


Scratchie (Vinyl Scratch): She'd step on dubs all the time, it'd definitely be her favorite genre. However, as a DJ, she would expose herself to a variety of electro. Moombahton, Moombahcore, Hard Glitch, Dark Electro, Electro Rock, Electro Symphonic, Amenstep, Drum and Bass, Trap, Post-Life, etc. etc. etc.


Celestia: Classical, with a large brass emphasis. Powerful pieces. 


Luna: My initial gut reaction was to say punk and grunge like Twi, but given her growth in Season 2 I think it'll be a bit more complicated than that. Before she became Nightmare Moon, she would most likely try to emulate Celestia's preferences, which would only frustrate her jealousy more. When she becomes Nightmare Moon, she'd get into metal, getting progressively heavier until culminating in grindcore (*vomits*). Once she is turned back at the beginning of Season 1, her music tastes would be all 90's alternative; Green Day, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, The Offspring, Alice in Chains. After S2E4, she would grow out of the angsty part of her life, but still like those musicians because the music is still good even if she doesn't relate to it. She would keep listening,  but diversify her tastes with some classic and 80's rock, as well as some 90's artists she overlooked: The Stones, Guns and Roses, Pearl Jam, Jane's Addiction. Eventually discover electro, get into some of the more energetic stuff like Hard Glitch and Brostep, artists like GHO57, The Living Tombstone, and Skrillex, before discovering some of the more nuanced artists and really complex genres, migrating from Skrillex to Modestep to Knife Party, filling in her repertoire with the like of Glaze and Silva Hound. (Again, all artists substituted with Equestrian equivalent.) (Damn, I projected a little hard on this one, lol.)


Neon Lights: Same as Scratchie, but with some 90's alternative thrown in there.


Lyra: Weird shit, man. Practically unknown electro artists don't even themselves know where the hell their ideas come from, who aren't untalented but are just so avante garde that their music is incredibly divisive and just never catches on. She'll be accuse of being a hipster, but she could care less how popular her artists are. She just loves the music.


Derpster: No idea, lol. Maybe Pink Floyd.


The Doctor: Electro of course. The complex kind.


Berry Punch: Metal, Hard Rock. Anything one can mosh to. 


Cheerilee: Smooth Jazz. For reasons I don't fully understand. 


That's all I've got. If I think of more I'll add them in an edit.


Oh, and welcome to the forum.

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Twilight: I'm thinking light jazz, Oscar Peterson type stuff. Something technically complex without being too distracting, good for studying and soothing anxiety without being stifling.


Rainbow: Something tells me she'd like really big movie scores, John Williams or Ennio Morricone. Might listen to a few classical pieces that have a huge orchestra, like Thus Spoke Zarathustra.


Pinkie: Anything fast and fun. Children's songs, punk rock, whatever suits the party she's throwing at the moment. I can't see her being too picky.


Rarity: She's more... unique than the other ponies, seems that she'd be into alternative/indie music, or at least be knowledgeable about it. But she'd be the one who claims to love whatever's cool at the moment while secretly enjoying something embarrassing.


Applejack: Country/Western probably, but I can see her enjoying classic rock. She probably cares the least about what kind of music she listens to.


Fluttershy: Nothing that would hurt a sensitive bunny's ears. Instrumental, she wouldn't like to hear other voices. So new age is my best guess.


Spike: Pop. Mainstream pop. That he sings along with constantly.


Celestia: Death metal, no question about it.


Luna: I can see her getting enthralled with the romantic movement. Chopin, Beethoven, Liszt, all those guys.


Discord: Frank Zappa.

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Twilight: I see her as more of a smooth jazz, Kenny G fan. Something easy to study to, nothing that would disrupt her concentration. I mean, most of her time is spent either reading or studying, so nothing too punk.


Rarity: Oh, man, definitely soundtracks. Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis, all that good stuff. Probably some classical mixed in there as well. (Also, I have a headcanon that she sings "Holding Out for a Hero" when she's alone. :D)


Rainbow Dash: Definitely rock! I could see her jamming to The Offspring (hurr durr) or Queen. Something that could be looped for a while without stopping, since she needs something to work out to. ^^


Pinkie Pie: Er, I don't see her being too picky. Anything with a good tempo and easy dancing. Probably Top 40's stuff, maybe some nightclub remixes, that sort of stuff.


Applejack: My country girl! Probably old country stuff, like Willie Nelson or Johnny Cash. But I can see her getting into the newer stuff too, like Toby Keith or Jason Aldean. :3


Fluttershy: Nothing too loud or fast or dangerous. Probably a lot of wind instruments.

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Twilight: Definitely more along the lines of adult contemporary and R&B music. Stuff that isn't overly intense, but at the same time is good and sometimes complex music for a complex mind. In that sense, I could see Twi being a big indie rock fan as well.


Fluttershy: Indie Pop or Dream Pop. The music relies on really bright texturing with soft spoken vocals and typically sounds overall pretty happy. New Age and maybe indietronica might fit.


Applejack: Definitely country rock and western music, but I could also see her listening to just plain classic rock staples. 


Pinkie Pie: Top 40 hits, a whole bunch of EDM (electronic dance music), and maybe add in some disco and soul, since she does like to dance and party, and what better music to groove to than disco?


Rarity: Classical music for a classy pony. I could also see her going towards lounge music and some jazz as well, more sophisticated music to say the least.


Rainbow Dash: Alternative and Punk Rock, mixed in with a little metal. Intense stuff with driving rhythms for somebody who always moving and with high energy (when not napping). Could also put some dubstep and harder hitting electronic.

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Hello and welcome Sergios :). I hope you enjoy your time here. We already happened to have a thread for sharing genres of music we think the Mane Six would enjoy, and for convenience I have merged your topic with the older one. I have kept Sergios' title so that members are able to share genres for secondary and background characters as well.

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Twilight would probably listen to Classical music, seeing as it would be an appropriate type of music to listen to while studying (calm and not very loud).


Fluttershy would probably like Classical, too. It would fit her quiet nature quite well. I would say Chillout, but that's a bit on the EDM side of things, a very loud section of music in general.


Rarity on the other hoof would probably like French-style music (like Disco, French House, etc). Anything to go with her glamourous self.


Rainbow Dash would obviously be a strong Rock listener, due to her cool attitude. Metal would be a bit too much in my opinion.


Pinkie Pie would listen to Pop music, so just a mish-mash of popular genres with generic Pop song traits; preferably dance-y Pop songs though (for parties, of course).


And Applejack would listen to Country music. With her being brought up on a farm, it'd only be natural for her to be into that type of music.

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