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What Will The OC Design Be?

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I'm making an OC for a friend because she's in the fandom (yes!) Anyway I'm making her oc but I can't decide what her name or design will be (but I know she wants a unicorn OC) so can u guys and girls think of a design for the OC. My friend wants her OC to represent philosophy, English, springtime, mythical or creativity. Thanks :)


Sorry for putting this topic in the wrong place I'll remember that next time ;) I can be so forgetful sometimes oh well I'll improve :D

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Hmm, since its her OC, she is the one who should do this, not you or us. It might sound harsh, but that's the truth.

Anyway, i will do this just for you :D


I can think of a pony with a bright/weak yellow body colour. Long and thick hair with the spring colour to it, green in other words.

Green eyes and maybe put some accessories on her. Like a flower in the hair, and maybe something around the legs/hoofs?

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Hrmmmm... Philosophy, English, Springtime, Mythical, Creativity.


Okay, with that line-up you can't go wrong with a 'Green Man' motif... or 'Green Mare' in this case. wink.png And let's see about using English Ivy as the color palette. 


Body: Greenish yellow (the colour of the flower of the English Ivy. I'd use the leaf colour here, but I want to use leaves for decorative elements and the cutie-mark.)


Mane: Pale purple with darker highlights (the berries of the English Ivy, but lighten it up a lot so we're not dealing with dark colors. I'd use the flower colour here, but I've already used it for the Body.) Probably a full mane with loose curls, somewhere between Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.


Cutie-mark: Green ivy leaves arranged in the shape of a mask


Decorative elements: A corolla of green ivy leaves (a corolla is basically a light wreath of leaves worn on the head. The Ceasar crown kinda thing.)


Name: Ivy League (This pulls in the philosophy by implying higher education)


How's that?

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Great ideas guys! I'm getting really inspired here thanks. My BFF will love this OC. I didn't have much ideas on the oc from the start, so thanks!


Remember to post it so we can see! :) I'm curious to see which bits inspired and get incorporated. Plus to see what her response will be.

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