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What hurts the most in my butt I owe it all in my butt these apples in my butt bloody mary in my butt babyface in my butt

Learn to Fly in my butt Whole Lotta love in my butt Cocaine in my butt Whole of the Moon in my butt Supermassive Black Hole in my butt

So, what you do here is put your media player on shuffle, take the first 5 songs, and put " In my butt " at the end. So like this:   1. Just on yesterday in my butt 2. Foreword in my butt 3. One m

My Turn!


Birds of Prey in my butt

Gaston in my butt

He's a tramp in my butt

Discord in my butt

Bink's no Sake in my butt



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Have you seen the herobrine in my butt wacko.png
Winter wrap up in my butt huh.png 
Flim Flam Brothers in my butt blink.png  (Im getting raged now...)
Fluttershy gets BEEBEEPED IN MY BUTT?!?!dry.png 

WHAT MY CUTIE MARK IS TELLING ME IN MY BUTTangry.png angry.png angry.png angry.png angry.png 



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Rainbow Dash's Surprise Buttsecks in my butt.(oh dear...)


Uncle Rupee in my butt.(I'm doomed...)


The Adventures of Tintin Soundtrack - Symphonic Theme in my butt.(lolwat...)


Ashley Stage 3 in my butt.(Wuhh...?)


Can you hear the people sing in my butt.(My butt is weird...)

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Round #2!


Someone Like You in my buttlaugh.png

Down in a Hole in my butt wacko.png

It Dwells in Me in my butt happy.png

Had Enough in my butt yay.png

Quantization Error in my butt blink.png

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Trophy Scars in my butt


You Can't Kill Us All in my butt


Four Earths in my butt


Orphaned in my butt (sweet lord)


MAKE TOTAL DESTROY in my butt (I just won the entire thread, screw the rest)

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  1. New Divide in my butt

Breaking The Habit in my butt

No More Sorrow in my butt

6 Foot 7 Foot in my butt

Down with the sickness in my butt

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Don't Get Lost In My Butt (win)

All Is Hell That Ends Well In My Butt

People In My Butt (ugh)

Helping Twilight Win The Crown In My Butt

Louder Than Thunder In My Butt (we all know what that is...)



Tip of the Spear in my butt


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  • 2 weeks later...

Nuthin' but a G' Thang in my butt


4th Grade Dropout in my butt


Angry Son in my butt


8 Ball in my butt


All Your Lies in my butt

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When I come Around in my butt (I'm not coming around there often, but when I do...)


Are You In? in my butt (please say no)


The Island in my butt (it's still growing)


Heal Me in my butt (shouldn't have gone for the taco with extra hot sauce)


I Like Dirt in my butt (well, everyone has got their own preferences)

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