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Books Any David Willis/It's Walky/Shortpacked fans out there?

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I am a MASSIVE fan of Willis' work. Some of the best writing and plot I've ever read in a webcomic, video game or....anything really. David Willis is a goddamn genius. I just got done reading through all of Roomies/It's Walky/Joyce And Walky as well as Shortpacked and Dumbing of Age for the second time. I have a tendency to skip over the Transformers and Batman strips when they aren't a part of the Shortpacked story in some way cuz I never was a fan of either of those franchises much (mostly because I've never really seen them for the most part, not because I don't like them) but I love everything else.


I had read Shortpacked first so a lot of the references to past events confused me. It wasn't until I read Dumbing of Age and realized there was MORE to it that I looked into It's Walky..........it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Rereading through them all again, knowing everything, references and story connections make a WHOLE lot more sense though I suspect there's some story arcs that are exclusive to the physical books or something like Joyce and Walky's wedding which you see the aftermath of in Shortpacked.


Enough about MY dumb opinions, how about you people? Favorite characters? Favorite story arcs? Favorite plot twists?


If you've never heard of any of these series' and love pop culture and sci-fi and hijinx.....this is the comic series for you! Fifteen plus years of content awaiting you!

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