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9th Month


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Into homes and minds, and unto thoughts and travels

All I can know is the haunting silhouette of your figure

And unto it which I seek in my dreams, and always in failing


My thoughts dare to drift, as often as they come

Fading and appearing in a cyclical pattern

The deepest cause of my depression


If I may, I shall deviate from the standard I set about myself, if only for a moment

I do so to allow a new remembrance of you, and of us; the life we will never have

My biggest regret, of the life I have not yet lived


And it seems that time seems to slow as I glance at your empty photo

A picture which I have come to study, and adore, as my only real artifact of you

I simply stare at it, and ask why I have been taken so far by you


Truly, it is without a real thought that I did love you

Still, and always will, for as long as I dare to stay alive

Until that day, you are the only real motivation I hold


-David Favret

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