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The Avatar Above You Is Out To Kill You - How Screwed Are You?

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I could be screwed, I'm not really sure what your OC is capable of

It's in my Sig, but here is the direct link to a list of my spells.



@ Card Shark


Blaze sharphoof (my RP OC,) 

Tree Twist Causes trees to appear as if reaching with deadly intent.

Here Fishy - Lures fish to Blaze

Shine Bright - Horn shines bright, blinding others temporarily

Burn Bright - Causes flames to burn hotter and higher.

Sharpen - Makes even blunt objects razor sharp.

True Aim - Things launched by horn always find their mark.

 Hmmm. Blinding light. True Aim. Catch me away from a stand of trees and i'm probably dead.

If I can choose the battleground _ a deep forest you're dead.

so conclusion: 50/50

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Yeah, im screwed.

Depends. Did I just steal her pancakes

@Mirage *Bows to Luna & goes passed her* 

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Another one that can go either way. If I find you without your prototype 0 You really dont stand a chance If I am found while you are in it well I am out of luck but since you aren't in it unless angel emergency I can safely say around 70% survival chance

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Hmmm. Avatar is currently blind in one eye, and an anime girl...That means either totally helpless or extremely lethal. never can tell with unknown anime characters.

----entangle and kill from a distance. 70% chance I win.

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Unicorn with specialties in plant magic? id say it could cause some problems, but not too much, i have a 90% chance of survival, but thats only on a bad day *grins* any other day, im just going to have to say "come at me." 

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