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The Avatar Above You Is Out To Kill You - How Screwed Are You?

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Come back! I meant meal, like dinner! I made quesadillas! D:  



A penguin is out to kill me?! ....o_o

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Yeah, im screwed.

Depends. Did I just steal her pancakes

@Mirage *Bows to Luna & goes passed her* 

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You are but a figment of my nightmares. All I require to defeat you is simply a good attitude and a book about kittens in mittens. Can't have nightmares when you are dreaming of kittens in mittens.

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Heh, I accidentally thought I was in the "Rate the avatar above you" thread, edited the post now.


Also, I doubt I'm screwed.

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are you?


Don't forget what the Lord of Evil said about penguins

Gunther slaps demons, you don't want to know what I can do...






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...If you're my enemy, you'd best just... let it go.

For next poster: Ho. Ho. Ho... :v

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On a scale of "Boooring" to "Screwed", I'd rate you as "Might untie my shoelaces".


For the next poster. Do not be fooled by my avatar's appearance. I am a mindless, timeless, immortal consumer of worlds! I draw power from a thousand different sources in space and time! All the galaxy shall fear me, or all the galaxy shall be destroyed!


...Yeah, I wouldn't buy that either.

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