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Gaming Great Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams


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So, who else is stoked for this game? It has gotten pretty good reviews.


I've been looking into the series ever since I ran across the excellent DS game:





It's a series that started as a (surprisingly entertaining) ripoff of the Mario series developing it's own personality under a new and very talented group.


And it has awesome music, too.



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I'm waiting for the release of the soundtrack, still nothing, it's still backer exclusive, which makes me sad.


It's a really good game, it has some funny mechanics to it. Can be difficult in places as it does tend to combine puzzle and platforming.

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I'll probably get it for Wii U.


It's the most likely console for me to bring with me to my "Study Flat" as I'll be moving out soon and most likely getting an education as a journalist(in the years since secondary school, I've mostly worked as a "postman for ads" and read a few independent courses).

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