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Lord Bababa Ponysona

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Was really bored, so I finished my friend's Ponysona and Colored it in. I think it's beautiful js. Lol I'm probably gonna make a whole set of the people I talk to if I can interpret them in a ponysona :P

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This is absolutely dreadful. How dare I cast my pearls before swine when I forced you to create this at gunpoint two nights ago at Mc Donalds. The colors are way freaking off, your Jigglypuff vector is one of the worst looking drawings I've ever seen, and why am I being farted on by Sarah Palin?


I'm saddened in you, Blue. I really am. I am so saddened that I am going to save this image to my harddrive and will say "that's pretty rad" on skype to you right now and will commence drawing yours now that I just got done with seven freaking hours of Civlization 5.

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