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Idyll Wisp

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Well, I thought it was about time I joined a MLP forum. biggrin.png


I'm Idyll Wisp or you can call me Helen if you wish. I enjoy carving wood, writing, and 

being lazy. I'm a WWII nut, and I have an obsession with anything Russian. :T

Studio Ghibli is another biggie for me. Um..I'm a rather active Pagan, I'm still very

new to it all though. As for ponies? I grew up on G3 as a little girl, and seeing a

comeback of my childhood is the best thing ever. I hope to meet people and make

many new friends here! /)^3^(

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Well then, a warm welcome to you ^_^


at this point, this video automatically plays in my head when I see a new introductory thread ><


I'm Lugia, and if you need anything or have a question 'bout anything I'm always more than willing to help out ;)


Haven't really seen much in the way of woodwork in the fan-art section, maybe you could be the first (wood carving is ALWAYS a beautiful art, atleast, that's what I think :3)


Hope you enjoy your stay here and have lots of fun :D

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"WWII Nut"



You and I, my friend, are going to get along just fine yay.png


And as for the "Anything Russian", check out @Dimitri Hammer page on here, he knows all about Russian wink.png


Have fun time here!

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Hello there! Welcome to the forums! :D

You make wood-sculptures? That's pretty sweet I must say(I wish I could do that...) and I must also agree with you on the awesomeness of studio Ghibli. They're freaking epic!


But anyhow, welcome to the forums again, Fun to have you here :)

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Oooh a Ghibli fan, we're gonna get along well, you and I. Talking of WWII, have you seen Grave of the Fireflies? No spoilers if you haven't but, damn...


On a more positive note, welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay~

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Hello there!


Welcome to the herd!! :D


I wish you my best of luck ;)


Enjoy your stay and have a great time :)

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