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[BASE] Don't Leave


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This is a little heartfelt base I made. I thought about how sad non-pegasus ponies are when their special somepega has to help with the weather.



1. You must credit me. I can find out if you don't. I have eyes everywhere.

2. It's not required, but it would be nice if you could post a link to what you used it for.

3. Non-commercial purposes only. No selling anything you used this base for for online points or real money.

4. If you just happen to be browsing along, and you aren't a member of MLP Forums, please link back to my profile if you use it.

5. Have fun! You can alter this base any way you like.


I also did a base trial of it.


Funny story, the base was supposed to be sketch lines for this one, but it ended up as a base and a base trial. (Technically, it was supposed to be a comic, I was just too lazy to do the other panels. Shhhh...)

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