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Okay, I just re-watched "Applebuck Season", and aside from the hilarity of the bunny swarm and Twilights "I don't get it." response, there's two things that stood out:


1. In the scene where AJ is helping to propel Rainbow Dash with the contraption thing, the last time AJ misses, Rainbow Dash says: "I thought you were supposed to be the best athlete in Ponyville!"


The best part is - she doesn't say "Ponyville", she says "pawnyville"!

I freaked, lol : D


2. Talk about sneaking stuff past the radar. "How do you like dem apples?" Not once, but TWICE. :o

This bothered me greatly, and has for a long time.



Anyways, I didn't think these things warranted their own thread so I titled it so maybe we can include discussion on things like that. Just neat little things anypony wanted to mention or talk about, things that wouldn't necessarily warrant their own thread, though.

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I don't understand how "How do you like them apples?" constitutes getting stuff past the radar; the only possible origin I can find for the phrase is in reference to a "Stokes gun" that fired munitions shaped like toffee apples in WW1.

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Yes, I just checked it and she totally says Pawnyville, which I was refusing to believe but turned out to be both true and hilarious. The accent slips during that whole little spiel of hers too...I think Ashleigh Ball was still nailing down her Rainbow Dash voice at that point.


They do try sneaking some things under the radar from time to time. For instance, during Fall Weather Friends, Rainbow Dash says horseapples. Basically she's saying shit, though I've adopted it as the pony version of bullshit.

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