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Hi!Im Anttu!


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I just wanted to say hello, to all of you, i kinda like this community....

And also ill tell you something about myself:

Im a bit creative, i make some fan art and such...

Im working on my skills with Cubase Studio 4 that i got for a retail price :lol:

I think MLP:FIM is awesome(is this too obvious?)

Aand finally im a bit of a weirdo, i like Airsoft, Games, Modding, Playing, MLP:FIM and you of course!

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A lil. bit of everything...except the cod series...i kinda like creative games such as MineCraft, Strategy games(they can be creative B) ) and i also enjoy some shooters, driving games and freeroaming games...

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I don't like cod either, funnily enough my forum name on another forum is Chicken of Destiny, and everyone calls me CoD xD;


Hahhah, thats a great, and funny name!

(seems kinda ironic, doesnt it?)

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