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My Gmod Youtube vids....with Ponies

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Last year, I started doing Garry's Mod videos for my Youtube page just


a) because it actually was fun




B) I wanted to help give it some life.


Anyway, here are the Gmod Vids I have....with Ponies


Note: The avatar I'm using for myself is Makoto Ito from School Days, designed by XenoAisam.


1) Rainbow Dash finds a Present(To sum it up, Rainbow Dash finds a present out of nowhere, unaware of what's inside. XP)


2) Looking at the comments(I take alook at the comments of my first Gmod vid, one of em mentions "Don't make Fluttershy mad." and unfortunately, well, you'll have to see for yourself)


3) To celebrate 10,000 pageviews(I wound up getting 10,000 pageviews on my Youtube page by the time this came up.  And what does Fluttershy do?  Design a dance between Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie


4) Boredom hits me(As I was waiting for the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con(I actually live in the San Diego County), Shadow, Rainbow Dash, alongside Koopalings Larry Koopa and Wendy O'Koopa wanted me to prank Pinkie Pie and Rarity, who happen to be lounging on the beach.


5) Angry Diamond vs Rarifruit(Angry Diamond is an alternative form of mine.  I wind up taking on TheInvertedShadow's Rarifruit, which is Rarity meets the spirit of RubberFruit)


6) Kick the Blueblood collab: "Daimando not feeling well."(My only entry for the Gmod Kick the Blueblood collab(Which released in February 2013).  I was actually sick on that day, so I came up with this scenario involving myself, Prince Blueblood and Pinkie Pie)


7) Just some quality holiday time (A short Christmas episode involving me, Shadow and Pinkie Pie.)


8) A Cheap way to end 2012(Featuring all of the mane 6 minus Twilight Sparkle, plus Derpy Hooves)



Enter the Changelings (Since someone did the Changeling model, I couldn't help but add this in.  BTW, I am known for doing the Changelinglicious fad to counter Twilight's Twilightlicious meme.  I'll do a separate post about it later)



The Evil Twilight Alicorn of DooMsauce(I wind up poking fun at the whole Alicorn Twilight debacle going on.  Only appearance of Princess Celestia so far)



My Gmod Collab announcement(Believe it or not, I'm doing a Gmod collaboration called "The Search for Twilight Sparkle."  Mainly, it's about good ponies/humans/whatever protecting Twilight Sparkle from the bad guys, or Twilight just keeping herself alive.  So far, I have one entry, but if you wish to do an entry, feel free to do so.



April Fool's Joke(I made an April Fool's Joke about myself severing my ties to My Little Pony and going all Anti-Brony.)



Twilightzilla(My silliest Gmod video yet.  I made a little joke about Twilight going Kaiju, complete with Godzilla roar)



Luigipalooza: Please Stand By(One of 2 entries for the Luigipalooza Gmod Collab.  In this one, Prince Blueblood interupts the Collaboration to boast about how Luigi is nothing compared to him.  You can guess what happens next.  BTW, unlike the last vid involving Blueblood, I wind up voicing Prince Charmless and making him live up to that name)



Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash Lost in the year 2371 onboard the Enterprise-D(My only entry into Sniper MElon's Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash Lost in Time Collab.  IT's actually been awhile since I used Rainbow Dash.  In this case, the two wind up on board the Enterprise NCC 1701-D.  What do they do?  Go for a Joyride.)


Those are my Gmod vids involving Ponies.



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