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So, Friday I got The Last of Us, and I must say, the story was unbelievable. I beat the game on Survivor difficulty, and many points of the game made me cry.


I liked the many surprises and the couple of plot twists in the game.



Anyway, to the main topic, I think that the Multiplayer was pretty epic. The multiplayer seems like Dead Island (but with humans) and Call of Doody put together (cause you can manually cover instead of pressing a button, and you just crouch).


And YES, I TEABAG ON THERE ALOT. I TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE CROUCHING OPTION. Anyway, yesterday I ran into a building and starting punching the flying crap out of a Firefly, which resulted in another one coming and double teaming with that Firefly on me! Soon enough, before I was gonna die, one of my Hunter teammates came to the rescue and started punching them, and then another, and then another. I hadn't died because everyone kept pressing X from time to time to bandage little by little. Then the only Firefly that wasn't there threw a bomb and blew us ALL up. 


"Awkwardest orgy ever." I said. 











I still can't believe David was such a creeper and tried to rape Ellie. Creepy, much?

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That does sound like rape, I had the same thing happen to me when I was playing Call of Duty online with my friends.  I never want to relive that again. sad.png

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