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Gaming Best games since 2010! (Any System)

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Alright, hopefully this is a good topic:


I've seen some pretty amazing games since the beginning of the second decade of the 2000s (as in 2010), and I think it'd be a good idea to list my favorites.


I'll provide names and pictures for it.


The Last of Us:  img-1589623-3-TheLastOfUs.jpg


Red Dead Redemption: img-1589623-1-Red_Dead_Redemption.jpg


Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception: img-1589623-2-Uncharted_3_Boxart.jpg


Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX:  Kingdom_Hearts_HD_1.5_ReMIX_box_art.jpg


Heavy Rain: img-1589623-4-Heavy-Rain-US-Art(1).jpg


The Walking Dead:  img-1589623-5-00bd397616df16c0f16231fd48


Final Fantasy XIII-2:  Final_Fantasy_XIII-2_Game_Cover.jpg

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I like all those choices except Red dead redemption.  I does have that "Grand theft auto: San Andreas" type of gameplay to it, but I'm just not a big fan of western themed games.


My favorites are:






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I hate the fact that you don't like Red Dead Redemption, but I'll deal because you're my friend.

I think Saints Row 2 was alright, but Saints Row: The Third was way more beastier.

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Oh, oh ohohohohoh I have some.


For console and 3DS





These games are so amazing. A lot of them may not seem like it but they're great. Except for Portal 2, everybody knows that was amazin'

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I think Sonic Generations and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon were pretty good. The Spiderman game was alright..


I've yet to play Portal 2, but I know it's amazing. I've seen Cry and PewDiePie play it alot.

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Since 2010... I barely remember what day it is, let alone what year games were released -.-


Ok, so in no particular order:


Bioshock Infinite. I found this to be a flawless and insanely fun and captivating game to play, I even did a review of it on YouTube.


Starcraft 2, great game, released in 2010 ;)


Saints Row the Third, just a fun and funny game.


Call of Duty Black ops 1 & 2. I enjoy them both, sue me.


DOTA 2. This game is one of my favourite games o all time, perhaps my favourite game right now, it's not even released yet :P

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Alright, let's see here:



Oh come on, you should have seen this coming.




It was pretty good, if you ask me.





This was also rather good. :3


I can't think of anymore right now; there's obviously more though. happy.png

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2010 Games: Hmmmmm... there's plenty, but I haven't played some of them.


NFS:Hot Pursuit

Dante's Inferno


Split Second


God of War III

Sonic Colors

Gran Turismo 5

Pac Man Championship Edition DX

F1 2010

Skate 3

Super Street Fighter 4

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Oh my god! How did I forget Elderscrolls: Skyrim!!!!


Celestia, banish me to the moon for my hanius crime!


Skyrim is a fantastic game, so much replayability!

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Lots of great games, I never agree with anyone who says that games used to be better. Games have literally never been better than they are now, I don't just mean in the last 3 years of course, but this generation of games has been amazing.









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It's just fucking awesome



Favorite fighting game of this gen, though it's criminally underrated compared to MvC3. Speaking of which



Still an awesome game, despite some questionable choices






Unfortunately I'm really far behind on this gen.(I JUST got a 360) so I have a lot of catching up to do

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uhm for me it would be 



















all of these games have been undoubtedly amazing in all aspects and have defined this console generation (in my opinion)  

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Yeah, that's the one, game of the century right there, best game ever even, this is it.....er.....anyone? .....maybe not.....




(This is a joke BTW, in case you didn't know.)

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K gonna go out on a limb here a bit


Portal 2


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 would be # 2 but came  out in 09




Assassin's Creed Revelations and 3


the underdog for me goes to SOCOM 4: US Navy Seals, the game was made alright the graphics were nice but the big problem with it was Zipper's disconnect with the hardcore socom community and eventualy destroyed what could have been a great game


Opps almost forgot Infamous 2

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My favortie games since 2010? Seems simple.

Anyway, my favorite games are on the console back then until' I played TF2 last year. Anyway, here they are:

Little Big Planet 2

LittleBigPlanet-2-Cover-Art.jpgCall of duty: Modern Warfare 3


And thats just about it.

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Far be it from me to pretend I'm half the gamer I used to be, so for me, the best game I've played within that time frame is the only game I've played within that time frame: Skyrim.


...And you know, I'm just fine with that. Fantasy / adventure games are really the only ones worth a damn to me. Plus, I get the distinct feeling that I'm really not missing much with CoD and its multiple rehashes...

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A very long, image heavy reply up ahead!!

In no particular order...







Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (2013)

This game is ridiculous!! For a MH game the in game graphics are beautiful! A delightful way to end the third generation of Monster Hunter. I was disappointed they swapped out the Felyne comrades for Cha Cha and now Kayamba as I am a cat lady through and through, but I couldn't help but fall in love with them still! The monster designs are beautifully done as always and the addition of underwater battles in the third gen adds more challenges to an already challenging game. I for one can't stand underwater battles because SHARKS and hydrophobia, but I've been slowly easing into it and finding it's fun so long as I can squeeze my partner's hand. With a number well into the thousands in terms of how much armour and weapons you can craft, you'll be playing for hours to get those new shinies (and how rewarding it is, especially if you do it yourself with no help!). Generally just a fantastically done game with ridiculous amounts of playability! A massive improvement from Monster Hunter Tri! It's so much easier to those new to the series and those who aren't very experienced gamers. I am thoroughly excited for Monster Hunter 4!







Animal Crossing: New Leaf (2013):

Ahh, where do I start? The characters are all designed well, the dialogue can be quite witty and funny, the characters in general are very well fleshed out. You get a real sense of individuality in most of them and you will no doubt find a favourite (or quite a few favourites!). In this game you get to play as Mayor of your town after some crazy mix up. There's a whole lot of customisation to be had in this title unlike previous games in the series. Every time I switch it on, I can't help but squee at the cuteness of Isabelle either! Her bells JINGLE when she walks (ohgawdthecuteness)! I have been a fan of Animal Crossing since Wild World and I don't see my love for the franchise dying any time soon. I'd say out of Wild World, City Folk and New Leaf, New Leaf is by far the best! There is a fair amount to do in this game though I think the addition of the island makes it too easy to make bells now, I think it should be harder to get the island or at least quite a big amount of bells to travel to the island.







Skyrim (2011)


Do I really need to say anything about this game? Do I HAVE to sing it's praises?! Surely y'all know how amazing this game is! The only draw back for me was the muted colour scheme, in need of a better battle system (rather than just press one button and brining your weapon down, there should be some crazy button combos or something to freshen it up!), and the perks and levelling system needed to be thought through a bit more... But who cares, it's fucking SKYRIM!!







Pokemon Black And White (2010)


I haven't had the luxury of playing Black and White 2 yet (though I have watched my partner play it) though it does look good. Anyway, I am a HUGE fan of Pokemon and Black and White did not disappoint me at all! It was the first game I had ever preordered and I got the limited edition White Pokemon DSi with it too. I have amassed almost 200 hours in this game (which is a lot for me in the past couple of years since I kinda left gaming behind for a while with all of the shooters and what have you) and I have loved every minute of it! What can I say? A perfect game!







Bayonetta (2010)


UNF!! This game is stupendously fun and ridiculously hot! Mmmm! The story is interesting, though a bit of work to get your head around, but it drives you none the less. The boss battles are INCREDIBLE in this game! And those finishing moves! HAWT!! The replayability of it is slightly lacking for me in that once you know the story and it's twists, it gets a little uninteresting to play it again.







Age Of Empires 2 HD Edition (2013)


A remastered classic! On the buggy side but I don't give a damn!




Now, for the games I am most looking forward to this year and the next!:







Monster Hunter 4


I have sat for quite some time watching it being played and I can't explain how excited I am for this game! There are so many new features I just UUUGH I CAN'T!! <3333 This better not be a Japan exclusive or I will just...







Pokemon X and Y (October 2013)


Insert last summary minus the exclusive! I am probably more pumped for this game than MH4 right now <3

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There actually haven't been any really good games lately (that I've played yet)

If this were the worst, this'd be easy, or if the year limit went down to 2007 or so.


(In fact every game Ive played that has been made in the era since 2010 other than Halo: Reach or COD: Black Ops is terrible, except Battlefield 3 and New Vegas.)


But, Ill do since 2007.

1. Borderlands (2009)

2. Fallout 3 (2008)

3. Halo 3 (2007)


(Ironically, in backwards chronological order)

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Best games since 2010? Pff, impossible, Everyone knows that the new game generation sucks. The only good games I could say aren't out yet, and they're all hd remakes. Wanna hear some? Final Fantasy 10 (aka best game ever) they announced an hd ramake. Same for kh 1.5.

I can't wait for both of them.

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I don't know, the 2010s so far hasn't been a good period for gaming, considering how Microsoft is trying to focus towards casuals whereas Nintendo sparked it by accident with Wii Sports, and smartphones have been replacing consoles, handhelds AND EVEN GAMING COMPUTERS because they have been plenty of cheap and free games, mostly made on the dime. But I prefer handhelds over smartphones because those are just right for me. But so far my favorite games for this decade are:

-Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)

-Super Street Fighter IV (2010), but the only version IT played was the 3DS version

-Pokémon Black and White (2010/11)

-Minecraft (it left beta in 2011, so ha)

- Donkey Kong Country Returns (2010)

- Kirby's Return to Dreamland (2011)

- Bad Piggies (2012), the only smartphone game in this list

Games I want to play from this decade:

- The console/PC version of Super Street Fighter IV

- Otomedius Excellent (2011) cuz I like Gradius. :I

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Huh, good question. Think I'll go by year here:

2010, it would have to be Super Mario Galaxy 2. It's the highest rated game of all time last I checked(I think), can't believe it wasn't mentioned yet. I played lots of other great stuff that year too but SMG2 just takes the cake imo.

2011, 2 games I really love came out- Pokemon Black/White and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Think I'll just give it to 'em both... ;) I believe Super Mario 3D Land also came out that year, another good one.

2012, the best thing I played last year has to be Xenoblade Chronicles, nothing else comes close imo. Pokemon B/W 2 and The Last Story were good though, as were Resident Evil Revelations and Kid Icarus Uprising.

2013, the best game I've played this year is definitely Fire Emblem Awakening, my favorite game atm. Stuff like Pandora's Tower and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate were also great, but we'll see what I play and how I feel by the end of the year.

(Note that I'm going by North American releases here)

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If you love cars you officially love Forza Horizon. Best racing game ever made. But tbh, I don't really like a lot of the newer games. Don't hate me, I think Uncharted is seriously overrated. I was expecting something amazing, but I wasn't wow'd at all. Its slightly good at best. I hate blops 2, I beat the game on veteran and played online for a week. It sucks. These games are the only ones I enjoyed or wanna try out. Dead Island. Great Zombie game right there. I heard Dead Island Riptide was beast. I really wanna try The Last Of Us. Battlefield 3. Great fps. Campaign was mehh, but online. I've never raged, but not because I don't die often. The deaths are so legit that I don't rage. Red Dead Redemption. The game was amazing. The DLC was even better.

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