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The scenario: You've just gotten home from work/school and you turn the TV on to hear a news report about a pandemic spreading through the area, You pay no attention and decide to make yourself a sammich, When you get back and plop yourself on the couch you try and change the channel but every channel has some news program on about this, The next thing you know you hear screaming outside and see your girlfriend* getting horribly eaten by some monster, Luckily for you, you have the ability to open portals and bring things through.


You have to decide who to bring, You can't bring more than 5 because that would be to large a drain on your resources. You decide to bring one of the following.


One of the mane six:


One background pony:


One anime character:


One video game character:


One member from the forums:


Please do not bring through ridiculously over-powered things like goku

--------------------------------------------------------My Picks--------------------------------------------------------------


Apple jack- Would probably be an excellent survivor and if we were to settle down at one spot she would have an excellent knowledge of farming.


One of the hospital ponies- Knowledge of medicine would be very help full in a life or death situation. 


Forget his name, but that insane guy from H.O.T.D -  You know that guy who like, made a gun out of a nail gun or something*?


Leon Scott Kennedy- Knowledge of zombie like beings and marksmanship would be very useful.


Red- I know almost no one on the forum and he's the closest thing to an actual friend i have on here.





srry for such a stupid plot ^^


*May or may not exist.

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Ohhh I've been waiting for a post like this haha!


Rainbow Dash - I would take Rainbow Dash because she can control the clouds, so if we needed water she could get us rain, and if there was a storm we needed to go away she could do that too. She could also provide a birds eye view and tell us the safest route to a destination


Big Macintosh - I would bring Big Mac with us because he is very strong and could help us with the heavy lifting. He also has experience building houses and such, so he could be very useful when we needed shelter. Plus, with his knowledge of farming from working at Sweet Apple Acres, he could help us to get food.


Saeko Busujima - She is the character form H.O.T.D. with violet hair. I would bring her because she is very fast and good with a sword. She is also very calm in sticky situations, and has some medical training so she could help our wounded friends.


Dead Pool - I know he is a Marvel character first, but with the new game that came out I figure this counts now. I would want him on my team because he is a master swordsman and marksman, plus he has superhuman stamina. Plus he is pretty funny and could provide the comic relief in the worst of times. He also has regenerative healing abilities, so he wouldn't get injured for very long.


Flutter Pool - I would bring FlutterPool with me because we have similar interests, he likes the Walking Dead (as do I) so that COULD possibly transfer into a real situation. He also like Roosterteeth and that's awesome haha

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Mane 6: Pinkie Pie - I would bring Pinkie Pie because she has a freaking party cannon. I mean come on, that just spells zombie killer. And not to mention I'm going to need some laugh and randomness while I see people I know get eaten.


Background: Octavia - Everyone needs a cello player with them. They can make music, and who knows, that cello can probably double as a pretty good weapon. happy.png


Anime(Lot more difficult because I've only ever seen one anime that I really watched...): Probably Crona from Soul Eater - I don't watch a lot of anime, so this was a hard one, but it's got to be Crona because his weapon wouldn't count as another person therefore he would still get to use his sword.


Video Game Character: Commander Shepard of the Normandy from the Mass Effect series - Commander Shepard, do I even need to put anything here, just look at his/her list of accomplishments, and the number of weapons they can use, and the possible techs and bitotic powers they could use.


Forum Member: kappa214 - I need someone I actually know on my team, and I need someone who I actually have things in common. Not to mention the fact that we would already make a pretty epic Zombie killing team...

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One of the mane six: Twilight because magic


One background pony: Luna because best pony


One anime character: any cute girl that can also fight like a badass. I can't choose...


One video game character: Phi from zero escape virtue's last reward, she can send her conscience back in time so she'd know where to go and what to do


One member from the forums: I don't know a lot of people here so anyone would do


Also I've heard H.O.T.D. is coming back so yay for that.


now for a second round 


One of the mane six: Rainbow Dash because she can let everything explode with one sonc rainboom


One background pony: Octavia because I like her


One anime character: Damn this still is hard. but I guess I'd pick Kenpachi from bleach

honarable mentions (gonna be a lot):

Revy: Black lagoon

Lucy: Elfen lied

Lousie: zero no Tsukuiama

Just about all H.O.T.D. character that are able to fight

Adam Blade: Needless

Furinji Hayato: Kenichi

Most characters from Kore wa zombie desu ka?(the ? is in the title)

Ikaros or Nymph: sora no otoshimono

Lelouch: code geass

Dante: devil may cry (there's an anime, I've watched it)

Tachibana Kanade: Angel Beats

Aladin, Alibaba, Morgiana, Sinbad, Hakuryuu: Magi


One video game character: Frank west, he's survived multiple outbreaks

Even more honorable mentions:

Travis: No more heroes

Duke Nukem (before Forever, we waited so long for that...)

Amaterasu: Okami

Corvo Attano: Dishonored

Juliet Starling: Lollipop Chainsaw (I Need a sequel to that game)

Isaac Clark: Dead Space Trilogy (so much lore)

Dante: Devil May Cry

Chell or Cave Johnson: Portal

Phoenix Wright: Ace attorney series

Raiden: Metal gear rising revengeance


One member from the forums: only thing here that doesn't change

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One of the mane 6: Rainbow Dash- despite being my least favorite of the mane 6 she can fly, manipulate the weather which would be useful for water and killing zombies in lighting storms and is a good fighter.


One background pony: Big Mac- First of all he is really strong and could be great at fighting zombies, secondly he would know how to grow and supply food thanks to working at Sweet Apple Acres as well as be able to create shelter, also he is best stallion enough said.


One anime character: anyone skilled in fighting and at least moderately good in situations.


One video game character: Megaman- first of all he's a robot so he can't become a zombie also he has lots of skills he can use to destroy zombies from his megabuster, metal blades, black hole bombs and many more he would be so useful in fighting.


One forum member: since I don't know lots of people here anyone great with moral support and medicine because we would obviously need a medic in this situation.

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Rainbow Dash - Flying around and using the weather to our advantages.


Princess Luna - Because she has dark magic that she could use to defeat the zombies.


Sasuke Uchiha - Because he is very ruthless and will have no mercy for the undead.


Batman - Many gadgets, many vehicles, and able to kick ass at any time.


Firebolt - Very trustworthy but, it would be wise not to mess with her.

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One of the mane six:   One background pony:   One anime character:   One video game character:   One member from the forums:


One of the mane six:  Twilight - shes now my fav and understands humanoids better then any other pony :)

One background pony: sunset shimmer - why not?

One anime character: Lucy (from elfn leid)

One video game character: Chel (she has portal gun which is super useful)

One member from the forums: Feld0 (massive awesome computer nerdn that can make us some useful PC gadgets to aid us in our fights)

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Mane 6: Twilight, because magic


Background Pony: Dr. Whooves, because between him and Twilight (her time travel spell) we could go back in time and save my "girlfriend" (I apparently have one for the purposes of this narrative).  If time travel can't be used that way, hopefully he'd at least have a Sonic Screwdriver, which can be used for just about anything.


Anime Character: L.  His mad genius would be able to solve the mystery of the zombies (where they came from, how to stop them) in moments.


Video Game Character: The Master Chief.  If he can handle the Flood, he can handle zombies.


Forum Member: I don't know anyone here well enough but...  Chaotic Discord.  My intuition tells me so.

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For me:


Mane 6: Rainbow Dash - Most athletic. Can fly very fast and is able to break the sound barrier. Loyal and will always be there when I need her


Background Pony: Vinyl Scratch - Why not? We can defeat zombies with wubs right...and did I mention...BASS CANON?


Anime Character: Goku - One of the most powerful saiyans ever. Has many different attacks and could power up. 


Video Game Character: Jak from Jak and Daxter - In the last of the triligy, Jak 3, Jak's morph gun has a serious overhaul. He could use any morph in any situation. He could also go dark or light and in his light form, he could fly, but not for very long. 

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Mane six: Twilight Sparkle - Her magic would make life so much easier. I see it having many functions that could really help in the long run. All I would need to keep her sane is a book, and I don't see that being much of a problem.


Background Pony: Cloudchaser - She would be perfect for scouting ahead and surveying the area since she could fly and all. Also, being a pegasus, she can control the clouds which would be helpful if we need rain or shade.


Video Game Character: Gaige from Borderlands 2 - She has the best killing machine ever, Deathtrap. He would annihilate the undead with with his claw attack, eye laser, explosive clap, and multiple skills. I'd make sure Gaige invested her skill points into Deathtrap to make him more deadly. Besides that, Gaige would be handle herself since she is a vault hunter after all, and is skilled with machinery since she built her own arm and Deathtrap.


Forum Member: RWG - He is the only guy here that I know really well, and when I'm out there I need people that I can trust to get my back.

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Mane 6: Rainbow Dash. Sonic Rain-nuke would be great for dropping zombies and hostile survivors alike.


Background Pony: Doctor Whooves. Bring the TARDIS along, and we won't even have to worry about the zombies.


Anime character: Halo Legends really sucked, but Master Chief was pretty badass, so he counts.


Video Game character: Ellie from The Last of Us. Because I'm a fanboy and I love everything about this masterpiece of a game. Also, she's great at handling herself in a sticky situation and she

can't get infected.



Forum Member: SmartyPants. Because we're compadres, bosom buddies, and all that stuff. I can trust this guy.

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One of the mane six: Twilight - She's super smart (Plus magic)


One background pony: DJ Pon3 - We need some awesome music to listen to :)


One anime character: Ash - (He has awesome pokemon)


One video game character: Steve - He knows how to survive like a BOSS!

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One of the mane six: Rainbow Dash. 


One background pony: Vinyl Scratch 


One anime character: Don't watch anime, so I'm just gonna say Dr. House


One video game character: Don't really play video games either, so I'll just pick Master Chief


One member from the forums: Repsol Rave seems like pretty cool guy

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ok this should be easy!



Mane 6: Rarity! Because I love her to death! top of all that she has magic.. you could say the same about Twilight but...


Background pony: Bon Bon! once more because I love her to death! other then that.. well I'm sure she could help..


I don't watch any anime... so I'll just pick one more character from MLP: Princess Celestia... because I love her... and she is bucking epic..


video game character: Adam phoenix from gears of war 3..


Member from the forum: Going with my BF Flutter Dash

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