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Covered in our layer of love,

in our hearts we lay.


For we know that our fates are now intertwined,

our lives becoming one.


For a short time we have been together,

but it feels as if I have loved you for life.


From the moment I met you,

I knew that I never want to leave you.


My words stay true,

as you have became my purpose in life.


From the moment I wake,

my attention turns to you.


A day without you would be a day wasted,

for I would not experience the joy in your voice.


My every intent of my day is to bring joy in your life,

for your joy is my happiness.


These words cannot show the amount of love I feel for you,

my entire heart beating for you alone.


There has not been a day where I haven't thought of you,

and the thought always brings joy.


Any amount of time away from you strikes pain into my heart,

becoming lonely without your sweet voice.


I wish I could give you all my time that I posess,

alas that cannot be.


But the time I do have shall all be for you,

my entire day belongs to you.


Holding you close is a task that I wish to have,

protecting you from all the pains in the world.


You have bestowed the title of boyfriend onto me,

a title I do not take lightly.


I promised to never to hurt you,

and that is a promise I plan to keep.


For I do not care if you ever hurt me,

as your joy is also my own.


As long as you are happy,

there is nothing in the world that can keep me down.


You bring meaning to my worthless life,

giving me a purpose to live in this dark world.


With you I can survive the world,

as you bring a ray of light along with it.


My life was bleak and depressing before I knew you,

my past eating away at my soul.


The heart that turned into dust after constant heartbreak,

fifteen times a woman had hurt me.


You told me the day we met that you would mend my broken heart,

and mend it you did.


You picked up the remains of my poor heart,

your tender care putting me back together.


My heart completely belongs yo uoi,

in every way shape and form.


Heartache is a feeling I do not suffer from any longer,

the only pain is when I am away from you.


You have fixed my broken heart,

your very prescence giving me the hope to live on.


As I have said, you are the angel that came down from heaven,

saving the life of a man off the path of happiness.


You are my love,

no matter how much pain I have felt.


I love you with every fiber of my heart,

never wishing to leave your side.


I hope your Valentines has been as amazing as mine,

as you had made it so.


I love you Alex,

and my feelings will never change.




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