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Trixie Manebrush Avatar Invasion

Tom The Diamond

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After a fun little discussion, I decided to try this experiment.


Posted Image


Surely you have seen this glorious avatar. And you have seen it being used by several users. So heres a fun little experiment to see how many ponies out there are actually willing to change their avatar's to this. So hey, if you are willing to change it, make sure to post here and I'll update the list and try to see just how many users will change their avatar!


Users who have Trixified their Avatar


Leoc Trixies #1 Assistant

Pinkie Pie



Tom The Diamond

Trixie Manebrush495

Trixie Helper Electrobolt




So lets see how many users are actually willing to change their avatar! I bet 5 tops. Any other bets?

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Trixie will NEVER bump my beautiful face from my avatar.

But why not replace a... 'beautiful' face with one that far exceeds it in beauty!

Fight the powah, resist the invasion

The more you struggle, the stronger the invasion get! : P

I had this as my avatar days ago.


Trixie still sucks, though.


While I disagree with that last part, at lest you have the Trixie avatar! Added to the list!

I'll do it, only during the time I use this current name... Maybe... Possibly... Potentially...


You should definetly consider!
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zomg, Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan?


Discussion of obscure-in-the-west-animes? In MY Trixie threads?


Its more likely then you think.

Ok, done... But ONLY until I return my name back to normal...










Actually, I kinda like it either way...


Added to the list!


Also, its pretty fun to see how often you'll confuse yourself with another user all over something as simple as an avatar!

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*Waves Torch*



Screw Trixie, this is now a TTGL thread.


GRIT THOSE TEETH TOM! *Falcon Punches Tom in the mouth*

Posted Image




Added to the list!
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Posted Image






This will not be another of those threads.


I am officially ending this before it begins.

Must... Resist... Great and Powerful temptation...


Give in to your temptations...


You know you can't resist... ; )


Submit... submit... resistance is but a fantasy...


Yay! Added to the list!
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Okay i'll change it cause I love Trixie even though she used her powers to make Pinkie not talk for the whole episode ....

but I'll leave my current avatar here because i might loose it if I don't




Added to the list!


And wow, we're at 6! Thats 1 more then I expected! We're on a role! : D

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