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Hello Everypony

Reemus Amantius

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My name is Nuke459 Granted that was linked from my Facebook so i would like to change it over to Reemus Amantius...a name i'm well known on several MMOs...


Anyways I joined here because I love to watch the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic


The name I curretly have is the name of my GT on Xbox Live and if you wish to add me your more than welcome just please make sure you say your from this forum in the message i don't like random friend request


but since i'm new here i'll try to be nice...Granted i don't play nice with with others when it comes to sports...just sayin


Things i enjoy doing I build Costumes and and watch MLP:FiM i'm currently in the service tho may be leaving soon after my two year term is over


I draw when i got the time/motovation and i'm currently working on a movie on halo reach...


and i have no clue what else to say...


Oh! and my 19th birthday is coming up and i hope my family took the hint i want a MLP cake and or Cupcakes

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