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Pegasus Agent White


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Name: Agent White (Skinner)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Pegasus





Cutie Mark: None


Personality: Relaxed, generally optimistic around friends, horribly reckless when angry. Will sometimes shrink back towards hiding when being bullied/picked on for his markings.


Backstory: White was born into the Agents, a family of combat specialists and war experts, as the black sheep of the family since he and his brother (Agent Black) had a zebra for a birth mother, explaining the markings all over him. Unlike his very rash twin, White never cared for being on top or aiming for number 1 like most Pegasi, but rather was more focus on being positive and keeping everyone happy in some way or another - with that said, that doesn't make him any Pinkie Pie though. White is also known to be more quiet than most, but doesn't mind being with others. He also has a frightening temper that was only displayed twice in his life - once when he was a kid, and another resulting in him and Black getting kicked out of a very well known flight school. He and Black are now working to become guards for the Princess along side their uncle, but White hopes to find out what to do with the rest of his life when he finishes his time working for the Princess - that is if he makes it.


Other: His eyes slit when he gets angry. Both him and Black are often neglected in the Agent family, as they were the first to not be birthed from a female Pegasus. They also refer to themselves with more simplified names to prevent confusion among others. To those outside the Agent Family, Black is known as Hunter (for his persistence) and White is known as Skinner (for his patience and attention to detail).

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