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Gaming Problems with Origin

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Oh Origin, do you ever stop?


Anyway, I heard something that made me willing to give Origin a chance...well two things really.  First I heard that Origin finally, finally, finally started implementing sales.  The second bit I heard was that, if you have the physical copy of the game, you could download it for free.


So I was all about to download the Mass Effect trilogy.  Sure I'd have to download some of the DLC again, but the cost of resale still outweighed that.  So I'm told to put in the 16-digit registration code.  Where is the code?  In the back of the manual.  Where was the manual?  It didn't come with one, because EA wanted to cut down on paper usage.  So the code had to be somewhere, right?  I checked out the FAQ, which told me that it should be on one of the inserts.  Yeah, EA's idea of customer service is to say, "why you so stupid, stupid?"  I ask on the forums and an EA rep just redirects me to the FAQ, making the question section of the forums completely meaningless.  I check the FAQ again and find a "this didn't help" button.  Is something finally going right for me?  Of course not!  It led to an even less helpful article.


So...for now I'm putting that on hold, because I was honestly about to lose it.

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Problems with Origin? Call the gaming press! :P

But seriously though, these kinds of things should be expected with Origin. If EA wants to compete with Valve, they're going to need to up their game. Dramatically.

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