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OOC Rise of the planet of the ponies


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(I really like the new layout :D )

So here you can sign up for the rp and discuss OOC, talk about the rp, and ask questions related to the rp.

I will accept up to 20 or 25 members


Rp members:

Toothlessbrony (characters: strike, shadowclaw)

Strong Hooves (characters: Strong Hooves)

Rose (characters: Rose)

Neikos (characters: sunward)

Pinkazoid (characters: Haste, rainbow spectrum)

The rp is here:



Here is the intro/plot thing:



It's the year 2035, and the earth was close to starting world war 3. To prepare themselves for possible global war, north America started a program to bring man's creatures of legend into reality. They would use these creatures to help them defeat any threat that stood in their way...

The creatures are:


earth pony

Ponies gifted with the ability to make plants grow at a faster rate than usual, especially flowers and crops.



Winged ponies that can fly extreme speeds. Some are capable of exceeding Mach 6 and shattering the color spectrum. (not sure if I worded that right)



Ponies that have horns capable of performing "magic".


Alicorns (non playable)

Only two were created, one being the embodiment of death and the other life. (they're children would later be Celestia and Luna)



Chromatic reptilians with the ability to fly and breathe a certain offensive attack. (fire, ice, lightning or acid, with varying effects)



Aggressive fliers with the body of a lion and head and wings of an eagle.



Augmented zebras with a special connection to herbs and healing.




Hydra(non playable)


(any others not mentioned would be created by the alicorns later or would evolve from the other species)


However two years passed and there was still no sign of a war. So, north america's leaders decided they would put the creatures they created onto a secret island reserve, away from humanity... This was the biggest mistake they could have made... 20 years later, a group of pegasi flew over the most populated cities holding a banner declaring war. (it should also be noted that two Alicorns showed exceptional intelligence in their training)


So there you have it. The war will start in new York, then expand. You will be on the side of the ponies/mythical creatures. (the ponies, griffins and zebras have learned to talk, and the dragons can speak some basic words)

Choose your race and make your character page using this:








Other things you would like to add:




I don't know if I will be an actual character and describe what dangers we will face, or just be the dangers.

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Making a sort of "mane six" that will be playable.


Name: [name pending]

Race: Unicorn

Description: purple coat, purple mane

Personality: (like twilightsparkle although a little more serious)

Bio: [name pending] was the first unicorn created. She quickly became friends with the human responsible for the project and they studied together... This man opposed the idea of sending them to the island. When the war started she didn't want to join but when Meurtre (the alicorn of death) spoke to her, she was convinced she had to fight for her race and the others.

powers: VERY good at magic, can teleport, create lightning bolts and fireballs, make shields, etc.

Element of harmony: Magic


Name: Rainbow ______

Race: Pegasus

Gender: male

Description: blue coat, rainbow mane and tail. Storm clod with a sonic rainboom cutie mark.

Personality: (like RD although less arrogant and a little more modest) honest

Bio: The first Pegasus and the first being to perform a sonic rainboom. Imidiately signed up for the war.

powers: Able to easily make a sonic rainboom, fast flier

Element of harmony: Honesty


Name: [name pending]

Race: Earth pony

Gender: female

Description: white coat, blue mane

Personality: slightly arrogant, likes to joke around

Bio: The first earth pony, didn't want to join the war at first but realized why they had to fight.

powers: very strong, able to grow an entire field in a mere 25 minutes, can control plants to an extent.

Element of harmony: laughter


Name: [name pending]

Race: Zebra

Description: ....zebra coat.

Personality: very kind and slightly like zecora

Bio: The first zebra, completely opposed the war and is now a medic.

powers: can find herbs and make them into various potions and use them for curses.

Element of harmony: kindness


Name: Shadowclaw

Gender: male

Race: dragon

Description: black scales, long body, spikes along back

Personality: very generous compared to other dragons, a little serious

Bio: The first dragon, able to speak more than others.

powers: fire and lightning breath, flight

Element of harmony: generosity


Name: Glaze

Gender: female

Race: griffin


Personality: fast acting, a little hot headed, very loyal

Bio: The first griffin (more will be added)

powers: very agile flier, strong sharp claws

Element of harmony: loyalty

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I'll can make some names, althoug I'm not sure you wan't to use them all, but you need to put the gender on some of them xD (the zebra and the first unicorn)


1st: Starling Night ( I'll try to think of something else)

2nd: Rainbow Fling/Sky/Spectrum/Spark

3rd: (still can't think of a name)

4th: Zarak (mmmmmm...still thinking about it)

5th: Shadowclaw

6th: Glaze


So that's were the rainbow mane came from.....

and the magical powers are all in the purple coat

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Do you mind if I join in?


Go ahead :D


I'll can make some names, althoug I'm not sure you wan't to use them all, but you need to put the gender on some of them xD (the zebra and the first unicorn)



2nd: Rainbow Fling/Sky/Spectrum

3rd: Starling (lol don't know)


5th: Shadowclaw

6th: Glaze


So that's were the rainbow mane came from.....


Oh woops, the zebra is female and so is the unicorn. I'm definitely going to use shadowclaw, glaze and one of the rainbow ones. Thanks :)
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I think I might have to wait for next week, because I have this lifeguarding thing all weekend. But I get home at 8:30pm (atlantic) on Friday, 6:00pm (Atlantic) on Saturday and 3:00pm (Atlantic) on Sunday, so maybe I might start it Saturday night.

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Okay everypony. The rp will Start at around 8:45 pm (atlantic) so get ready ^_^


Okay, now we Start about to board the ships. Just socialize with other ponies before the mission announcement.

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Uh, okay we should start now.... I'm going to be two characters. Hopefully I don't fall asleep tonight.

2nd character: http://mlpforums.com/topic/7848-strike/http://mlpforums.com/topic/7848-strike/

I'll take one of the elements if that's okay with you, I'll take Rainbow ______


Okay Edited by toothlessbrony
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