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Earth Pony Nightwing


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Name: Nightwing

Age: 15

Mare or Stallion: Stallion

Species of pony: seapony earth pony

Appearance/Picture: A brown earth pony with darker brown hair.

Personality: shy, loyal, a little clumsy

Interests/Hobbies: Riding his dragon, playing with his dragon, etc.

Biography: Nightwing spent most of his time outside, and one day (he was 13) traveled into everfree forest by accident. He became lost and found a hurt dragon [about 5 feet tall] he approached it and nursed it back to health. They soon became friends and he left the forest riding on it's back when it was healed. This led to him getting his long overdue cutie mark. Nightwing then kept the dragon and realized he had a special connection with the beasts.

Cutie Mark (if any):

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