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Pegasus Blue Lightning


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  • Name: Blue Lightning

  • Age: 20

  • Gender: Female

  • Species: Pegasus

  • Appearance: Posted Image

  • Cutie Mark: Lightning bolt

  • Personality: Has quite the taste for speed and agility, but has the competitive attitude to prove every single bit of her winning. She likes bragging to make her self feel like the best, but sometimes gets out of hand.

  • Backstory: Born under the Lightning family and was one of the worst flying pegasus's till the sonic rainboom, then she followed towards the rainbow from where it was seen, then she learned a lot from Rainbow Dash, but the sonic boom, even got competitiveness and such from her. But one day, they had a non agreeable argument and things got a little bad and they departed from each other, but She wish she could go back to her and say sorry and be friends again and tell stories about what happened after they departed. When she thinks about it, it's just so sad that her friends have to comfort her or she might end up doing something that she will regret and her friends have to find her or do extreme measures of helping her. One day, she set out to look for Rainbow Dash and her friends read the note she left to them and they cried and said that they will miss Blue Lightning and wish her luck on her find...

  • Other: What else can I say, she's a good pony.
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