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Pegasus BlancLapin


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Name: BlancLapin. His name is in French and means WhiteBunny. He was given this name because of his beautiful white skin and his enormous love for bunnies.


Age: 18 years of age. He just learning how to become a mature adult pony. His Birthday is Nov 26


Gender: Male


Species: Pegasus





Cutie Mark: He has bunnies as his Cutie Mark. He got his mark after finding the first bunny he had ever seen in his life and instantly fell in love with its cuteness and speed.



Personality: He is kind, loving, and generous. He loves all animals and his favourite animal is the Bunny~

He wants to become a doctor, like his father and also a become vet. He is very outgoing and loves to hang out with his friends and also make new friends.


Backstory: BlancLapin was born and raised in a small French Village. His family was very poor until his father discovered a healing potion that cures most common illnesses. After the discovery, his father became a very popular doctor. BlancLapin wanted to be just like his father and help people.

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