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Pegasus Power Ten

Power Ten

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Name: Power Ten


Gender: M

Species: Pegasus blue


Appearance: White coat with gold zebra stripes. Blue mane with gold at the ends.


Cutie Mark: On my avatar pony


Personality: Very suspicious of strangers, especially pegasi. He doesn't make friends eaily, but thefew friendships that he makes last a lifetime. Likes to go a little mad scientist once in a while with inventing.


Backstory: Power Ten is different from many pegasi due to the fact that he can't fly. He had a head injury as a foal which caused his sense of balance while in flight to disappear. Because of his inability to fly, he was subject to a lot of bullying and ridicule. He briefly befriended Fluttershy before running away from cloudsdale and drifting across Equestria. Although he sustained a head injury as a foal, he is a borderline genius and has a knack for inventing. While living near a lake, he discovered his love of water and invented a small, thin racing boat so that he could go fast like the racers from cloudsdale without flying. His boat revolves around the use of his wings to move.

Other He loves explosions

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