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Pegasus Sunrise Song

Sunrise Song

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Name: Sunrise Song

Age: 28

Species: Pegasus


Coat/Wings: Summery Yellow (Lemon Curd)

Mane/Tail: Summery Yellow/Mustard Yellow; Tail is bound by two mane-bands.

Eyes: Shining Crystal Blue

Cutie Mark: Black quarter note with hollowed out center--in the center is a rising sun.


Abilities/Talents: Sunrise is a very talented musician, as well as a traveller during certain parts of the year. He wakes to sing as Celestia raises the sun one day, and the next offer sonnets as Luna raises the moon to finish the day. He avidly avoids baking of any sort after a nasty incident involving a teacup and a held note. Sunrise can play the violin that he was given as a gift from a friend of the family.


Personality: He wakes up every morning smiling. He expects the best from everypony he meets. His...walk, the pace he keeps...it makes others go "Wow. What's he got, and where do I get it?" He defines friendship. If he isn't your friend, something's wrong with either him or he hasn't taken the right amount of time with you. The sky is his friend. He is inspired by flight. Many pieces he's written reflect...how the sky changes, watching from high altitudes when Celestia and Luna change the Moon and the Sun.


Sometimes he considers himself a therapist of sorts, but he'd never claim that title as it's not truly reflective of what he does. He'll take the time to sit down and talk to you about what's going on in your life, and do the best he can to understand and empathize with you. He will sit and cry with you, but ultimately end up laughing with you.


He does have a spot of a temper, but it's kept in good check by his gentle ways. He doesn't care if other ponies look at him when he just breaks into song. Mares, stallions, colts, fillies...he's got a gift and he's sharing it. Whether or not they accept it, he's still putting it out there.


Back story: Sunrise initially started out in a suburb of Fillydelphia, on one of the many apple farms dotted about the Equestrian landscape. During his early days as a colt, he helped out with farm chores but never felt a calling for that humble of a work. The best distraction that had come up with while he was bucking apples and pulling up weeds was to sing to himself--simple melodies that helped break up the monotony of the labor.


His parents purchased instruments for all three of their children, Sunrise receiving a violin from the instrument forger Silver Hoof from Canterlot. He practiced as best he could, but it was apparent that he would not be able to realize his dreams of being a musician on the farm.


After Candy Wing's disappearance and supposed death, and the reception of his Cutie Mark, Sunny decided it was time to take flight and follow his dreams. He left the family farm, and flew to Ponyville, to take roots and continue his studies of music. On the way there, he encountered a few adventures:


"It was a rainy evening in some town between Fillydelphia and Maresburgh. She had the prettiest eyes...they cut through the dark of the restaurant like a beacon from a lighthouse. I don't remember her name...but we spent the entire evening talking. Life, love, Equestria, Luna's return, but mostly...music. She carried a flute, which I hadn't seen ever since my sister had played one. There was temptation...but I knew that I wasn't going to get satisfaction from a one-night fling. We stayed in separate rooms in the same hotel...but at 3 in the morning, I heard this crazy knocking on my door. I opened it, and it was her. She looked as if she'd been crying. I brought her in, and for two hours we played music. I have never felt closer to anypony else in my entire life. I just...remember those eyes. Was like looking into the sun. I nicknamed her Light Beacon."


Having lived in Ponyville for 10 years, he has become good acquaintances with all of the Mane 6, moreso with Applejack because of his occasional work at Sweet Apple Acres when he is short on funds while working between recording sessions and releasing new music.


During four months out of the year, he travels all of Equestria, from Canterlot to Fillydelphia and back, sharing his talents of the violin to all he encounters. On his path, he picks up stories from ponies in farther lands, and gains an experience that helps him be a better friend to the friends he has in Ponyville. He has not yet re-encountered Light Beacon, but hopes one day he shall as he tours the lands yet again, sharing his music, his life and his heart with all he meets on the way back home.


His favorite song is one from a group outside of Manehattan, one he keeps in his mind as a way to recall why he travels and shares his life with others so freely. "Turn up the music! Turn it up loud. Take a few chances, let it all out. 'Cause you won't regret it, looking back from where you have been, 'cause it's not who you knew, it's not what you did, it's how you live."


Other/Family: Phoenix Spire, 54, father--pegasus, deep orange coat and white mane. Cotton Rose, 52, mother--pegasus, white coat and yellow mane. One sister and brother; Radiant Spire, 29, pegasus--red coat and white mane, Steadfast, 24, brother, pegasus--and the oddity in the family, blue coat and purple mane. Only known extended family is his aunt, Candy Wing, who disappeared in CLY 992, after performing in Fillydelphia. It was the needed inspiration and helped him to get his Cutie Mark.


For "Equestrian Civil War" RP: Ever since the war began and he chose to serve Princess Luna and the New Lunar Republic, he has lost some of his initial vibrancy and accepting ways, due more to his training. There is a bitterness inside of him, now, as he received a notice that his family has been absorbed into the Solar Kingdom, effectively cutting him off from them. When he is not on official patrol or duty, he is often found writing letters that he hopes one day he will be able to send across enemy lines.


Lunar Republic or Solar Kingdom? Lunar Republic

Branch within Faction: Flight Combat Squadron, Division Subordinate

Ranking: Sergeant, Attaché to Fluttershy

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