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Fan fic idea?


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Well this is the finished work and request from Crispy, and it got me thinking about a possible fan fic what do you think?


In the image Celestia takes the girls to a future that Nightmare has returned, Luna became Nightmare once, deep inside will it unlock again one day? What would happen and who would fight.


The Last Stand of Harmony is the title, pulled refs from all over the show to help, and been up all night working on it, but I think it turned out nicely.


Very short but ya lol, any thoughts?


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Emmm the only thing which is on my mind right now is " Princess Luna looses control once again letting the spirit of Nightmare Moon wrap her.

Posted Image

Then, using a spell, she turns her sister, Pricess Celestia, into a stone statue. The stone statue of the crying, hurted by what happend and defeated princess Celestia, has been placed deep under the Canterlot Castle. Nightmare Moon finally succeed in making whole the Equestria fall in the endless depths of eternal night.

Posted Image

An army of shadowbolts and night guards are patrolling Equestria every day making sure that all the equestrians obey the rules their new ruler created.

Posted ImagePosted Image

Only the mane 6 can change all this and return the light to the Equestria by the magic of their friendship. "

This is the only thing I can think of at the moment.

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