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Pegasus Steelquill

Steel Accord

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Name: Steelquill

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Species: Pegasus


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(Image credit goes to FantasticSpastic93 on Deviantart. I can't draw worth bit!)


Cutie Mark: Steelquill's cutie mark is a pen and sword, reflecting his twofold talent.


Writing - Steelquill posses a great gift of prose and narrative structure. Despite his insistence otherwise, even the drafts he discards are often very good. Steelquill once wrote a recount of Heart's Warming Eve as a comedy from each of the three leader's perspective. One of the messengers of the Pronghorn Network, themselves master storytellers, managed to skim a copy and thought it hilarious. He often bases his works off of personal experiences, but hides them under exaggerations and metaphors. He has also written poems, plays, prayers, songs and other creative texts.


War - Steelquill is a remarkable soldier. Possessed of a keen, strategic mind, he can predict the enemy's actions two steps a head and counter them effectively when given good intelligence. Tactically is a whole other story, Steelquill can't coordinate a smaller team effectively. This is because his Special Talent really shines when he personally fights. Steelquill enters a heightened state of mind so drastic it almost seems like a personality change. All non-vital sights and sounds become muted and he moves and strikes with a calm intensity that would surprise those close to him. Steelquill is trained and skilled in many forms of combat. (Hoof to hoof, swordplay, marksmanship, dog fighting, and weather weaponry.)


Personality: Steelquill is a perfectionist, he will pour over his manuscripts for hours, only to tear them to shreds or crumple and discard them into the overflowing wastepaper basket when he isn't completely satisfied. He can also be very judgmental of other ponies. When somepony behaves dishonorably or unethically, (cheaters, thieves, haughty gentry, and bullies in particular) they receive an enormous amount of resentment, a biting lecture, a challenge to single combat, or any combination of the three. That said, he also has a great amount of faith in the good of others, always assuming they mean well until proven otherwise. Steelquill notably has a very low sense of self-worth. While this makes him admirably humble, it also leads to depressive tendencies. Because of his inability to credit himself, and stiffness in social protocols, Steelquill has trouble with those his own age. Most of his friends are actually many years his elder. He sees no problem in this as they are often mentor figures to him and he enjoys their experienced wisdom. He's a very devout pony who prays to the Princesses in any difficult tasks and to thank them for good fortune, confident that his worship reaches them in some manner. Steelquill is also very gullible and easy to persuade, he doesn't pick up on sarcasm or double speak very well, feels a natural duty to help other ponies, and usually takes a another's word for the truth. (Woe betide those that trick him into dishonorable action though, he will not forgive them anymore than he will forgive himself.) Lastly, Steelquill always tries to conduct himself as a gentlecolt. Particularly in his interactions with females. This is a double edged sword though. He can quite easily talk with mares and those who appreciate manners and honor find him appealing, but in less formal situations he's practically paralyzed.


Backstory: Steelquill was born and raised in Canterlot into a military family. Indeed, his father would often boast that they were descended from Commander Hurricane himself. Steelquill never quite believed this relevant. The Commander had many foals so many pegasi were at least distantly related to him. Still, he respected Hurricane and looked to him as an example to follow. Steelquill admired the Commander's military prowess but also knew he didn't have much appreciation for the finer things in life, which Steelquill did. Steelquill was always a bit of an odd colt. They say he took after his mother, who was a natural gardener, in being very creative but displayed almost prodigal skills at combat. Neither his creative nor physical ability was seen until one day he saw some ponies beating up a runt at school. Steelquill sent all of the bullies to the nurse's office and was so upset about it that he wrote a dramatic retelling of the event for a school project. That's when he got his cutie mark, a sword crossed with a pen. Years later, he would be commissioned as an officer in the Equestrian military and serve three tours protecting it from vicious monsters, violent militias, and invading barbarians. Afterwards, he resigned his commission to be a simple bodyguard for the Canterlot elite, that's when he met Fancypants. The two stallions hit it off right away. Steelquill admiring the older pony's confidence and compassion and Fancypants finding something of himself in the humble soldier. Steelquill was hired as one of Fancypants' personal bodyguards and the two have become close friends.

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