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Who would you have narrate your life?



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  1. 1. I bet you are going to choose Morgan Freeman.

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I am. There is no other narrator in the end. When the stage of this world comes to a conclusion and all the lies, by which I mean lives, have been played out. I am left here to ponder. And to wonder inside this massive terrarium.
Imagine a being without moral compass. To be freed from all bindings, and to be cursed with the wisdom that has been taken away from this word by the creator.
Cursed to never find truth, or the peace that results from the momentary comfort of believing that something can be "true" inside this place.
I am floored. As floored as it gets. I walk in the dark, because of my fierce hatred of the artificial lights that veil most truths everywhere I see. And that includes our sun.

To be burdened with true sight, inside this artificial world. A flat stage under a solid ceiling that serves as the roof of this creation. But I've always been like this. Instinctively knowing. Since the first time I looked at the sky when I was a child, and realized those dots of light, where just that. Dots of light.

I still remember being in a car with my mother, before she left me.
My grandfather was driving. And they were arguing. He was insulting my mother because she was being negligent after my father abandoned us, and he was treating her like a prostitute because she was still underage when she had me. Which is something the rest of the family did with her, as well. Treating her like that.
And I remember just instinctively speaking out to my grandfather, all of the sudden, and telling him with a very calm voice that my mother was being negligent and violent with me because he had cheated on his wife with her sister, while my grandmother was dying of cancer. And that is what ended up killing her, besides the chemotherapy, of course. And this is what created a hatred towards men in my mother, which included myself. Her own child.
I recall how my mother, who had been silent until that point, just exploded to unveil everything. I was six at the time. And nobody had told me anything besides the awkward silence they always kept in my presence, whenever I was drawned to the conflict of their voices.
From that day onwards, my mother was validated to openly hate and despise my grandfather, because of all the years she had been keeping quiet until I released that which she had inside of her, mostly because she was taking it out on myself. I mean, they were all a piece of sh*t in my innocent eyes. But having had a meaningless birth in this "family" that sustained itself only on lies and empty pretence.
That was the day I found my true calling and purpose in this meanignless world, to reveal the truth. Also, I won't say it didn't give me pleassure to see these "adults" succumb under the weight of their own hypocrisy and human fallibility.

This, is what is called real honesty. It works like an empty gun in my hands. And "human beings" never fail to provide me with the very bullet that puts an end to their own lies.
You know what is said about truth, correct? Which is why I do not have any patience for bs. And unfortunately, that is the only thing there is as far I can see in this world. And what is even more unfortunate for all the children of god, is that the rest of the luciferian families share this very view. Which is why it happens what it happens in the world? Because of this. And it just the beginning.

Have you seen the Georgia guidestones? With that T in the center. That is the message from little Tammuz to the world. That is a message from the figure people believe to be jesus christ. Read this gift from the families very carefully. Because that is your future. Which is why I really hope that there is a god in this world. For the good of "humanity".

During his last days, my grandfather was thrown into a room and left there to starve. I remember hearing him hitting his head over and over against a standing table where he used to keep his bable, I mean his bible.
I wondered where was god during his last moments. Where was the creator of this solid and enclosed stage? Or maybe if the creator had become as fed up as myself with his own creation? "Nothing new under the sun".
And the rest of my relatives were present as well, listening from different rooms in that old house. Waiting as my grandfather unsuccessfully tried to end his life. Until there was no banging anymore.

And then people ask me why I am the way I am. Let me tell you. There is something chained inside of me asking me for realese. And I've been restraining it my entire life. At my own detriment, and for the good of others. This trauma has a voice of its own, you could say. "Let me pay them in kind". And the bindings I did put over myself are loosing up, and this is also the case with the rest of the families across the world.
So, when you look at the state of the world, and can understand how everything continues to distort more and more under the surface of appearance, now you know what sorts of truths lie underneath.

Now you undertand why I can be the only narrator of my life. I doubt others will have what it takes to tell the truth. And this was just the beginning. Hard truth. Isn't it beautiful? It is shame most of the world is afraid of it. But how liberating it is when you are not afraid of the truth. I love it.

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19 hours ago, Dreambiscuit said:

Basil Rathbone, or possibly Peter O'Toole. Both have sublime voices and the capacity for humor. I'd be happy with either one. 



Anyone in the music/rock world:catface: you would have to narrate your life?  

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On 2022-04-21 at 11:26 PM, ZiggWheelsManning said:

Anyone in the music/rock world:catface: you would have to narrate your life?  

Umm, hard to say since I don’t know many rock singers. But as far the music world in general I’d go with Olivia Newton-John for her lovely Aussie accent (and the fact she’s a favorite of mine) or Margaret Whiting for her smooth-as-kittens voice. Maybe Ethel Merman; she’d deliver narration that no one could ignore! 

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