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What did you think of Bronies before you started watching the show?


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I remember back in 2013, when I was watching MLP on YouTube, I discovered a brony documentary by Saberspark. I never heard of Bronies before, and I took a look into, and I was pretty intrigued. Yeah, there are some stuff that can be very controversial (and it still today), but I find them very fascinating and it is the very first fandom that I introduced.

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I hate to admit it but I was very much in the anti-brony crowd for a time. There used to be this stereotype going around that bronies were all very old fat people who were all miserable. :sealed: That’s my biggest fandom regret, along with never getting to see the MLP Movie in theatre. I actually bought into that stereotype. When I actually became one, what I found was the complete opposite! :wub:

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