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ooc [OOC] Equestrian Civil War Part 2: Flames of Battle

Toothless the Night Fury

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Well, today is the 10th. Last activity in this RP was almost three weeks ago. I was hoping that I could keep it afloat, but apparently the interest in it has waned again and is no longer maintaining the push that it had been. So...unless anybody else wants to jump in, I'm officially done with this for the moment.

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sorry I dropped off on it, because it was mostly the rp'ing done by me and ^^ this guy = I really liked it


Fake Epilogue:


Rainbow joins the Lunar Empire, Hope seemed lost, and even worse, Pinkie also goes to the Lunar Empire, they killed Celestia Twilight was never to be seen again, and Luna was the New Princess of Equestria.... Seems Legit.....

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Name: Glittersword


Species: Pegasus

Gender: Male


Appearance: A white-ish pony with a red and orange mane

Cutie Mark (if any): A Glittering sword


Personality: Recklass, Traits of a Tactician, Hates Lunarians for killing his comrades. Believes that Ponies are the dominant race.

Biography: Glittersword grew up in canterlot, his father was a soldier, his mother was a baker. His childhood was normal. Then, at the age of 18, the civil war began. He decided that it was his task to defend the Canterlot, owned by the Solar Kingdom. He was paired with 2 other pegasi, Icewing and Firebreath. They were close friend, as all three of them are in the Air force. but 1 faithfull mission changed everything. While on a rescue mission, his comrades were killed by Lunarians, so he is 1 pony now. And hates the Lunar Republic.


Lunar Republic or Solar Kingdom? Solar kingdom

Branch within Faction: Air Force

Ranking: Private First Class

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