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This is really cool ^.^ I love it. Yeah I would so dance to this right now if my parents weren't in the room lol (Might be time for me to head to my room lol)   

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woah im really  happy you liked it :3 never thought someone would want to dance to one of my song :D you are awesome for saying this

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intro is pretty good so far. i'm typing this as i'm listening so i won't mis anything :3

the drop seems epic. like the bassline. definately enough going on (wich is usually a problem but now it's good)

like the change. gives the song more dimension. interesting choise in percussion too.

nice choise in vocals (ey!ey!ey!ey!) gives the song lot's of energy

fade out was epic, awesome meldy inbound :D

first thing i noticed that could be improved. the "rainbowfactory" sample seems to be a little out of pitch

like the way you mastered the piano to be heared over the bassline. nice touch there.

change in bassline and overall melody is once again epic :3

again with the awesome samples! (ey!ey!ey!ey!) lot's of energy.

outtro is very cool. 

i would give this song a 9/10

i could definately see myself going nuts to something like this in a club :D

very good work



i'm definately checking out the rest of your soundcloud you can expect a new follower :3

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Thank bro lovely review :3 honest and beautiful ,im looking forward to seeing you on soundcloud i just started getting more into the electro house genre ,i usually  focus on experimental dubstep and new electronic styles but next song is house for sure :D

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