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Made this for my rearview mirror!

Rainbow Dash sculpture by DragonSquared, on Flickr

Made out of Sculpey, some acrylic paints for the rainbow hair, and Rustolium clear varnish. I haven't sculpted anything in ages, but there are so many talented pony sculptors I got inspired to dig out some of the old sculpting clays!

http://pic.twitter.com/iUGNQbTZZw : Another shot of her in action on my Twitter. :}


Thanks for looking everypony!



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Mouth kind looks funny, but besides that i like it alot. I know its a little dark for rainbow but I think its really really good work of art. 8/10 would buy.

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Well dang, this looks quite good! I mean the colors are a bit off, and the muzzle looks a bit strange, but other then that its pretty good :D


Must've taken some time regardless, good job!

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