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Post the exact color scheme of your OC

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(Wasn't sure where to put this)


Okay, for this thread, you need to post the exact colors in any of your OC's color schemes. For example, here is the exact color scheme for my OC, Blue Moon.


Blue Moon:

Coat Color: Pale Sapphire Blue
Mane Color 1: Moderate Blue
Mane Color 2: Moderate Indigo
Eye Color: Strong Orchid
How to get the exact color scheme of your OC:
First, you'll need to get the RGB for the colors on your OC. If you don't know how to do this, you could always use MS Paint to do that. If you decide to use MS Paint, here are the steps you should follow.
1. Open up a picture of your OC in MS Paint
2. Use the Color Picker tool on whatever part of your OC you want to do first.
3. Click the "Edit Colors" button near the top-right color.
4. In the new window that pops up, you can see the RGB in the bottom-right corner.
You can either do each part of the OC individually, or you can get all the parts of your OC at once, and record the RGB things on paper, Microsoft Word, Notepad, or anything else that serves the same purpose. 
Now, you'll need to get the HEX values for each of the parts of your OC's colors. To do this, you can visit the following link.
Once you are at the site, scroll down until you see "HTML Color Picker." There you will see a little box that has a section in the bottom-right section where you can enter information. There, you need to enter the RGB code for each color in parts for R, G, and B. Once you finish entering in all the information, you can find a color code directly below where you enter the RGB. Now, you need to copy (or cut if you prefer) that color code, and visit the following link.

Where it says "Enter HEX Value;" paste the color code you recently copied (or cut.) Then, click "Go" below. Once the page finishes loading, scroll down to where it says "Description." There, you can find the exact color for whatever part of your OC you decided to do. Now, do this for the rest of your OC's colors (excluding the edges), and post them below.
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Here is an image for reference.



Body: 8CC48A | Grayish Green

Mane Primary: 3ECB4A | Moderate Emerald Green

Mane Secondary: 9CFE7F | Very Light Harlequin

Horn: 77C869 | Grayish Sap Green

Eye: 73DB55 | Brilliant Harlequin

Horn Glow: 96FB7D | Light Harlequin

Glasses: 560E33 | Dark Rose


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Body: #AE8FFF - Very light indigo

Mane: #B3FFE9 - Pale turquoise

Eye: #FF00DE - Luminous vivid orchid



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Alright, here's the color scheme for my OC, Autumn:


Coat color: Brilliant Orange

Mane color 1: Moderate Verrmilion

Mane color 2: Moderate Vermilion

Eye color: Grayish Sap Green

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Coat: 3A3A56 (Gray)
Mane Color #1: 68E462 (Green)

Mane Color #2: FFFFFF (White)

Eye Color: 3F1B00 (Brown)


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Here is a reference to my OC and all of her colors:


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