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Synchtube Party - 2/17/12


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-Oh god, am I actually doing this?


-ALRIGHT FINE! Now... what do I do first?

-Post a relevant picture involving ponies.


-Copy and paste that thing Apple Bloom usually does.





-Well that was easy...




What u talkin bout Tom LRP Doctor Apple Bloom NNL Noob?


Our Synchtube party is an event that happens every friday night, where we all watch ponies, chat, vote in polls, and lul our faces out.


Will I need an account for this?


Only if you want one, you can pop in, chat, vote, watch with us with or without an account?


When will it start?


Technically 8 PM EST. But nothing says you can't join in now, hint hint.


Why do someponies have red text?


Because they're better then you. RESPECT THE TEXT


In all honesty, however, it just shows who are mods.


What videos can I add?


Any youtube video that is pony related in some way. Please try to add videos less then 10 minutes, unless its really good!


How long do these last?


Synchtube parties can last however long you want. Feel free to drop in and chat for a bit, or go late into the night, lulin it up for ponies. I'd recommend bringing some snacks and drinks to your desk if you plan to stay a while, whats better then watching ponies while gorging yourself with unhealthy snacks?


Wow! This is fun!


Glad you think so! Remember to tell your friends up here about the party if you want more ponies to join, after all, the more the merrier! Update your status, or post in this topic saying you'll be there, Spread it around like Walhd Fiah! Just don't spam, because spam is not only nasty meat, but its immoral.


Who is best pony?


Trixie Rarity RARITY FOR THE LOVE OF CELESTIA RARITY!!, Is, Always, and will always be Trixie Rarity of course! Anypony who has ever been in a Synchtube party should know this!






Trixie. Happy now Tom?


Feel free to contact Tom the Diamond if you happen to have any further questions on the subject. And if not... Join in on the party!



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