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Stupid things you've done?


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aw hell... actually i got almost killed XD for halloween i lended my Tesla coil hat to a friend of mine.. while he was showing off we trown at him a bucket of water... almost roasted him in high voltage...we were  a little itty bitty drunk

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There's not a day where I DON'T do anything dumb! Some dumb things that I've done in recent years are:


- Got a job thinking it would offer me opportunity to advance and add something worthwhile to my resume (HA!)


- I still work at said job four years later (and that's just sad!)


- I constantly spend money on things I don't need (but it's just so shiny/tasty/looks awesome!)


That's all I can think of for now!

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Some dumb things I have done.


1. Tied a thin string to a door knocker of a house, the owner phoned the police after a while because they never noticed the string and just saw the door knocker move. I was shouted at by police for scaring them.


2. Thought it would be fun to try the vert ramp without helmet or pads, I got completely trashed.


3. Holding a 'fart bomb' in my hand too long and it exploded in my face, getting the acid in my mouth.


4. Smacking a chav on the back of the head with my skateboard... my deck broke. (It was a huge fight the chavs started with le skaters)


5. Telling you guys this stuff.

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