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Gaming Special Edition of Saints Row IV...

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...costs one million dollars. Seen here:




There is only 1 special edition of the game available. It comes with a ridiculous amount of prizes including a space flight and a Lamborghini Gallardo.


Is this insane? Who do you think would buy this? Would you...?

As awesome as this is, I do believe it is kind of insane. I mean...I would obviously buy it if I had the money since it looks too awesome not to buy but that's because I am insane too. :P

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If this is legitimate, than that is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen in a special edition. If someone has the cash, I would say go for it.


The ultimate irony would be if David Cameron bought it.

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I reckon the CEO of High Voltage Studios is going to buy it just to mess with us. ;)


If I had a million dollars, or even ten million dollars, I still wouldn't buy this. I'm not a collector. All the extra prizes in the pack are probably a lot cheaper if you buy them separately, so I'd just go for that.

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I'm sure some rich spoiled Indian brat that lives in India can seize this as their own if they beg their parents to buy it from em'. I mean they have the phone service.

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It's super ridiculous which is what they're going for. Even if I had the money to waste on this million dollar pack, I wouldn't get it because I'm just not that interested in all the extra goodies (or the game for that matter). This is way too crazy for my tastes.

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If anyone wants everything in that package and got the money for it, i am sure that they will actually save some money. 



It would be hilarious if Gaben bought it. 

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I wouldn't buy it :P Only if I had waaaaaay more money then needed. It's just sooo dumb. (Fits Saints Row I guess....) Only problem for me is that I don't even want the game (or have that much cash, duh...) . But I gotta admit, it's still pretty awesome.

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This is insane. I mean, special editions are awesome. And this one is off the chains.

But.. This is pretty cool, and though I am not a fan of Saints Row, I'd probably buy it. (If I was rich..)

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This has to be some kind of a joke right?! I mean come on now... if it is real sweet mother of Celestia.. I would like to find the one pony to buy it.. and kick them in the ass and tell them WTF!? come on! All that money could have gone to something more useful.....

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Someone on Reddit took the time to compile a price list of everything offered in this package, as copied below.



Here's a breakdown for all that:

Space Flight: 250,000

Lamborghini: 198,000

Burj Al Arab: 133,405

Prius: 24,500

Super Car Membership: 20,968

Face lift: 9,500

Capsule Wardrobe: 4,968

Flight to Dubai: 15,000

Flight to DC: 3,200

25 hours with personal shopper: 2,500

Jefferson Hotel: 2,450

Dubstep gun: 1,500

Insurance: 1,200

Spy Training: 252

Hostage Rescue: 125

Commander in Chief Edition: 59

Total: $659,517 US


This is all assuming relatively low-end versions of these things. The Gallardo could go up another $50,000, the plastic surgery, for a couple more procedures, could triple to around $30,000, the Prius by around $10,000, the flights by like up to $10,000 each if you were super extravagant and lived far away, the insurance by like $2,000, and the Jefferson by about the same. That would put it around $765,000 total.


So basically price wise, you're better off saving about $250,000 and buying everything individually.


However, the amount of publicity you'd get, and the fact you would go down as the single crazy motha who shelled out a cool 1 million on this thing, is something that might be hard to put a price on.

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