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Mega Thread Count to a million

CTAM after 1 million  

133 users have voted

  1. 1. What should happen after 1 million is reached?

    • Start over at 1
    • Keep counting to infinity (count to the next million(s))
    • Count back down to 1 (then back up)
    • Other (pm or mention if you'd like)

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I'm surprised this forum doesn't yet have a count to a million game. The forum I've used to visit quite often is up to 74000ish, and that was about five years ago.These first few posts you make will b

1,000,000/ 100 = 10,000 โˆš10,000 = 100 100/ 5 = 20 20 = My post number You posted one ahead of me, Therefore your post is actually 19. ย  ย  20

200K, The final page!ย  Congrats on 10,000 pages CtaM! ย 

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Sup, guys? :P


Lately, my PC has been making A TON of fan noise and it's been getting pretty hot. Now, I admit I haven't cleaned it in a while, but that's not 100% of the problem. I decided to pull my GPU since I was hitting 90 degrees playing Far Cry 3. Plugged everything back up sans GPU and now, while it is a crap gaming machine, it's pretty much silent. I was worried my CPU fans were making a lot of noise, but it turns out the vast majority of my fan noise and heat has been coming from my GPU.ย 

So as for my next upgrade, it may be time to look at a custom liquid cooling solution for my GPU.ย 


The cool part of Core CPUs vs FX CPUs is that you don't need a GPU to run your machine on a Core CPU. Thumbs up for Intel in that department - that if my GPU were to ever crap out, I can still run my machine. :derp:ย 

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GUNA :love:
Aaaand I still have no moneh to buy that RX 470. Still stuck with a potato on my PCI-E 16X slot. :nom:

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Dangit. I forgot to go to the end of the topic to figure out the current number (\'-')/

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I voted today.


The line went out of the church, to the end of the block, then to the end of the next block. Probably waited in line about 1 hr 45 mins. ._.

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  • Jeric changed the title to Count to a million

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